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At this time, small companies have to enhance their income so as to survive in the environment
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  • Jul 16,2020
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Creating a profitable business is not as easy as it seems. It takes immense hard work and strategizing to have constant revenue flow. For the first-time entrepreneurs, it would be difficult   to generate required profit after deductions and losses. They take time in formulating strategies for a thriving business.  

Seeing the current situation, the business landscape is averse to the companies. There is a reverse growth in the sector. At this time, small companies have to enhance their income so as to survive in the environment. Here are some of the strategies that companies can implement to grow their revenue exponentially. 

  1. Cross-Promotions 

It is an effective strategy to increase business revenue. By implying this, a company can create its separate niche in the market and at the same time, garner customers' attention. It allows the organisation to promote various products at one time. It further increases customers' interest into the company as it serves over one product or service. 

To begin this concept, the company can start sponsoring TV shows and functions. It can also reach celebrities and ask them to promote its products. In this way, the company's products will be in the limelight and easily grab masses' attention.  

2. Expand Distribution Channels 

To increase cash flow, it is imperative to surge distribution channels of the company. As sales increase, more products will be sold, thereby, a surge in the revenue. If the company employs this method, then it would not have to reform any of its existing strategies.  

To use this method, the company has to assess various distribution channels like retailers, wholesalers, distributors, direct selling and online selling. Accordingly, it can narrow down channels that help increase sales and in turn, improve revenue. Considering the present scenario, the company can start selling its product through websites. Due to the high probability of contracting COVID, consumers are preferring to procure things online rather than buying from a traditional market.   

3. Give Special Discounts to Customers 

To create recognition among customers, the company can begin offering special discounts to them. Discounted prices entice customers, in turn, increasing sales volume as well as revenue instantly. It is commonly seen that consumers buy maximum products during the sales. Employing promotional sales, coupons, and special discounts help create a sales ambience in the market.

To get better results, several sales-related techniques can be used. Some of the techniques are seasonal discount, quantity discount, and stripped discount. These discounts can turn out as an effective strategy to increase revenue swiftly. 

4. Create Online Presence of the Business 

In the digital era, it is imminent for a company to have an online presence. If the company is proactively working on the internet, then it can receive organic traffic on its platform. This can, in turn, surge sales volume, yearly profits, and revenue. 

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