These Startup Designs Will Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce

In startup organizations, the size of the workforce is mostly small and secondly, the workforce is accustomed to more tasks to ensure a high productivity level
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India, being the third largest startup hub, offers ample support to startup companies to thrive. Reforming Angel Tax under section 56 (vii b) and exempting angel investments are some of the moves taken by the government. Despite easing tax regulations for startups, the startup companies still need to formulate ways to boost their productivity.

The Trajectory of Startups

The entrepreneurial journey of startup companies is highly rugged. The efforts to attain chunks of investments comes later in the picture as in the beginning years, startups strive for high productivity. Productivity, which is the output of the business, comes through the workforce directly.

In startup organizations, the size of the workforce is mostly small and secondly, the workforce is accustomed to more tasks to ensure a high productivity level. Amid work pressure and job responsibilities, often times employees baffle and plan to change the job.

Such decisions can cause major effects on organizations in terms of productivity. To avert employees from leaving the organization, the startup owners should create a positive work culture and further, work on their startup designs.

How Startup Designs Can Increase Productivity and Create Employee Satisfaction

To keep employees engaged, the companies nowadays formulate various strategies such as organizing recreational activities, team building activities and so on. Apart from old employee engagement strategies, some new strategies have also emerged in the modernizing work culture.

These strategies when get clubbed with new startup designs can help improve the work environment. Furthermore, by implicating new startup designs, the employee satisfaction level will become higher.

  1. Office Location

A company’s location is one of the significant elements that entice candidates for the job. If the office location easily connects people to various transport modes, then it becomes a viable option for the candidates to join and also, existing employees feel comfortable in commuting.

In the opposite scenario, if the company owner cannot find an office location nearby metro stations or bus stands, then he/she can offer free shuttles to the employees. By doing so, the commuting becomes easier for the employees.

Besides this, the entrepreneur should ensure that restaurants, cafés and entertainment centres are around the company’s location as employees can easily socialize after the work.


  1. Bring Coziness in the Work Culture

Owing to the employee’s preferences, many companies offer at-home jobs and work-from-home opportunities. By performing these at-home jobs, the employees’ skills remain unpolished. Instead of creating home-based occupations, the companies should provide a homely feel to employees within the organization.

The companies should emphasize socializing employees so they feel and work like a family and further, concertedly achieve business goals. According to news reports of the Indian daily news, Scoop Whoop, Google India is considered the first organization with the highest employee satisfaction. The American tech company offers various perks to the employees such as sleep pods, flexible work schedule, fully-equipped gym and recreational games. These facilities, in turn, make the work environment positive and cosy.

The startups should also offer either aforementioned or similar services to the employees and induce employees to socialize.

  1. Personalize the Office Space for Employees

Doing the same tasks rigorously results in boredom and subsequently, one feels distracted or thinks of indulging in other activities. Employees commonly face such situations wherein they want to comply with duties and at the same time, have some fun.

To resolve such problems, the interior of the startups should be given a personalized touch like one’s own home. Apart from installing ping pong tables and other indoor games, the background setting should also be changed from dull, formal spaces to rejuvenating, colourful niches.

The startup owners should follow the aforementioned ideas to fuel up their employees and increase productivity at the same time. 


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