These Companies Helping SMEs Survive in Coronavirus-led Adversity

To lessen woes of SMEs, some giant companies are coming up with new initiatives and product suite to aid small businesses in adversity
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  • Apr 28,2020
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Small and medium enterprises (SME), which had a 29 per cent share in the economy in 2019, is severely hit by the contagion. As the lockdown is ongoing in India, SMEs that operate low-cost and cash-based businesses are unable to keep their business afloat. In this dire situation, many entrepreneurs have realised the potential of the internet and started leveraging it. 

To lessen woes of SMEs, some giant companies are coming up with new initiatives and product suites to aid small businesses in adversity. One such company is GoDaddy, an American Internet domain registrar and web hosting firm, that has lately released new initiatives to aid people in creating and supporting their business online during pandemic, reported Press Trust of India.

Under the new initiative, #OpenWeStand, the US-based company is helping small businesses to continue to operate remotely. In the country, the Coronavirus has caused new challenges for small business. To curb those problems, GoDaddy-led initiative will help small entrepreneurs connect with each other, share tools, learnings and knowledge as to how to wear away this storm concertedly.  

What GoDaddy is Offering SMEs

Under the initiative, the American Internet domain registrar company is offering free online tools, educational content in the medium of blogs, and other updates from WHO as well as health 

institutions. It is also facilitating stories of entrepreneurs across the globe, who are swiftly adapting their businesses and community forums that enable virtual connection with similar entrepreneurs on the microsite. The company aims to assist business owners in preparing and adapting to the challenges presented by the epidemic with the above-cited resources. 

In the current time, many businesses in the country are going online to sustain in the market, searching content with 'taking a business online’, ‘digital business strategy’ and ‘creating a website’. At the same time, the Indian masses are employing the Internet to learn additional skills and in turn, registering for online courses, webinars and subscribing to the edtech companies. 

To pave the way to the digital era, GoDaddy has reportedly created an online educational platform, GoDaddy Academy. The educational platform is offering three business and technology upskilling courses that are completely cost-free. Through this, the company aims to help the country's youth, emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners in getting the required digital skilling and training. It also promises a successful future and a sustainable source of income in today's challenging time. 

"At GoDaddy, we are for anyone who is keeping the economic health of small businesses top of mind in this challenging time. All these initiatives support our commitment to continually work towards innovating and creating solutions to help make it easier for our customers to create a digital presence. Our online tools and services, along with customer care guides, are available 24/7 to help our customers in India keep their business active," Nikhil Arora, Vice President and Managing Director, GoDaddy India, said in the company’s official statement. 

The website hosting company has also lowered prices of its products, incorporating international and India-specific, to help SMEs to start their online business voyage. 

Following a similar idea, companies from diverse backgrounds are helping startups and SMEs in one way or another.

This SaaS Company Facilitating SMEs in Making Apt Decisions   

Startups, as well as SMEs, are dealing in a volatile situation now more than ever. As a result, the companies are striving to manage steep demands, resources and fleet. To help companies make sound decisions, Locus, a SaaS company that automates human decisions in the supply chain, has released a free tool ‘QuickStart’. The new tool assists SMEs address common problems that they face in the supply chain, reported Press Trust of India. 

It is difficult to optimise logistics planning manually owing to various realistic problems and current epidemic which adds to the challenges. Locus asserts that its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) platform, companies can automate decision making while taking into account the on-ground reality. With this, the organisations can now concentrate on execution and make sure a good customer experience. 

"Supply chain management is an old problem. It has only become more dynamic and complex with time. While changing on-ground scenarios and pandemics like COVID-19, may impact your operations, Locus QuickStart can provide you with tools to improve and analyze the situation. We wanted to reach out to startups and SMEs at this time so as to support them with relevant tools. This offering will continue even after the situation on the ground eases up," Nishith Rastogi, CEO and Co-founder of Locus said in its official statement.  

"It is a non-integrated offering to improve the existing processes and enable SMEs and startups to automate their supply chain decision-making to bring efficiency, transparency, and consistency in operations," Rastogi added.   

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