These Business Ideas Will Help You Secure a Place in West Bengal

As West Bengal plays a crucial role in the MSME niche, there are various business ideas with low investment available in West Bengal
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  • Apr 08,2021
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West Bengal embodies a vast industrial region. According to a report by the state industrial profile of West Bengal (2018-19), it is a leading state in the country in micro, small and medium enterprises. The multi-pronged strategy and continuous innovative interventions of the State Government and Central Government during the last decade towards the promotion of the MSME sector, focusing on inclusive growth have resulted in significant achievements in the MSME sector.

As West Bengal plays a crucial role in the MSME niche, thus, investors should think of stepping into its industry. There are various business ideas with low investment available in West Bengal. Seeing the state’s accelerated market, aspiring investors can use profitable business ideas and start their venture. 

Here are some of the business ideas that aspiring entrepreneurs can actualize: 

Accounting Firm 

A large number of small and big companies are based in West Bengal. These organizations have to perform audits and other relevant things on yearly basis. To carry out these activities, an organisation has to employ an accounting firm that creates its financial report and pays taxes to the government. 

To start an accounting firm or financial services company, one needs to have academic knowledge of the niche. Secondly, purchasing auditing software and learning how to employ them is important. Using the latest technology will ease work and meanwhile, aid in managing financial reports of different companies.

Logistics Business

In today's world, consumers seek quick services such as same-day delivery. This brings pressure on online sellers because they have to go the extra mile to fulfill customers’ needs. With the help of logistics, delivering products swiftly from one place to another is possible.

Logistics will help connect far-off sellers with buyers and safely deliver products. Seeing the importance of the logistics business in modern times, millennials can set foot into the logistics realm. To start this business, one needs to develop proper infrastructure, employ staff and train them. Buying vehicles and investing in hi-tech packaging techniques would be equally important.

While delivering heavy items, the company’s employees should know how to pack products so they do not break during the delivery. 

Grocery Store 

Food is one of the necessities for every individual. Understanding the food choices of West Bengal's demographic, one can start a grocery store in the state. A grocery store would not see a recession, unlike other businesses. At the same time, competition or rivals cannot affect the business as customers’ footfall stays constant throughout the year. 

To start the grocery store, one needs to understand the food preferences of consumers and accordingly, stock the store. Finding an apt location is also important. Following this, one has to build rapport with small food brands that offer good profit margins on their food. In this way, one’s grocery store will not only attract customers but offer them a wide variety of food products to choose from. 

Clothing Business 

Dealing in apparel can be a flourishing business for new-age entrepreneurs. In recent times, consumers have begun spending extravagantly on branded clothes and accessories. One’s clothing style has become one’s style statement thereby, elite people can be witnessed hiring personal stylists as well. 

To start a clothing business, aspiring entrepreneurs will have to build contact with wholesalers. Simultaneously, connecting with clothing brands will be vital if the entrepreneur seeks to offer branded clothes to customers. After this, find a location and set up your clothing store. 

One can choose any of these business ideas with low investment in West Bengal. These business ideas are lucrative and will sustain in the market. Besides these business opportunities, there are various other business ideas that aspiring entrepreneurs can choose from. 






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