Successful Service-based Businesses to Start Now

Service-based companies are thriving and will continue to grow in the post-pandemic period
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Jul 08,2020
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The pandemic has shook the economy, shutting many businesses for permanent. Businesses that require face-to-face interactions like beauty salons, restaurants, and event planning are badly hit. On the inverse side, service-based companies are thriving and will continue to grow post-pandemic period as well. 

As new COVID cases are emerging, it seems that social distancing will be practised for a long time. In this adversity, when companies have closed down their shutters and emerging entrepreneurs stuck in the void of uncertainty. Here are some service-based businesses that can be started to continue or restart the entrepreneurial journey. 

1. Box Subscription Business 

Even before pandemic, this business was flourishing. From meal to beauty products, almost everything can be available under this business format. During the epidemic, when people are avoiding to go out, box subscriptions are an effective way to cater to the essential needs. 

Under this business model, the entrepreneurs can allow customers to customise their boxes according to their tastes and preferences. On the business front, entrepreneurs can partner with various small and large brands, and bring them on board, thereby, offering a wide range of products to the customers. 

2. Errand Services 

At present, companies are offering customised as well as home delivery services across the country. Many companies have started offering services in tier-II and tier-III cities also. While consumers are preferring contactless delivery at home, there are some individuals who require beyond delivery services. 

Elderly people, physically impaired people and high-risk individuals mainly depend on others to do their errands. Errand services can be availed for a variety of reasons like buying groceries, going to the post office and banks etc. An entrepreneur can start these services with a small setup targeting major cities. He has to spend money on promotion and identify people who require errand services. Gradually, he can expand his business into other regions and also, employing more individuals.      

3. Cybersecurity and IT services 

Prior to the COVID-19, many companies had never implemented the work from home policy in its workplace. Later, when the situation got intense while doing business was necessary to survive the downturn, small companies asked their employee base to work remotely. This wholly changed business landscape. The companies that have not established predefined technology to carry out operations remotely utilise tech apps to connect with employees. 

Such applications cannot be used for prolonged time due to security reasons. Thus, IT consultants and cybersecurity experts can render their services to the companies, thereby, strengthening their business security. Professionals having expertise in IT and cybersecurity can initiate this business and begin serving companies.

4. Online Therapy Business 

During the Coronavirus, the count of patients suffering from mental illnesses have immensely surged. Desolation, depression, and death of closed ones have caused emotional turmoil amid people. As a result, people are reaching out to the online therapists to take therapies. Many working professionals are also opting for life coaches to learn how to maintain a balance in life.

Healthcare professionals carrying experience in counselling and therapies can start a platform and offer teletherapy virtually. Apart from this, entrepreneurs can partner with healthcare professionals, blend technology and form a virtual platform. With a good business model, the entrepreneur can help several patients through his services.

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