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With changing technology, it is now possible to start almost all kind of business from home sooner than ever
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  • Jun 18,2018
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Over the last few years, high speed  internet, a proliferation of changing devices and applications and changing attitude towards nature of work have made possible, work from home or starting a business from home. 79 percent of workers now prefer and even do at least some work from home or outside the office.

High deposits and rents are common to cities and towns. This is one of the leading reasons why people are going for starting businesses from their houses. Starting a home-based business isn’t just a trend, it’s the new reality. With changing technology, it is now possible to start almost all kind of business from home sooner than ever.  Here are some ideas that you may consider for a home-based business,

  1. Catering

One of the best home-based business ideas is catering. Many Indians have benefitted from catering for parties and other events.  To start this business, you need to create a menu for your clients and also some culinary and organizational skills to start this. Also, this business will include buying utensils, buffet servers, stoves, and related equipments. If you want you can take help of house-wives, who can cook and are ready to work.


  1. Photography

Demand for photographers is increasing day by day. Everyone wants a professional to click pictures for their websites.  “The basic requirement for this business is an eye for pictures, creativity and knowledge of editing software. Now-a-days, events like birthday, weddings, get-togethers, people generally hire photographers to preserve the moments in the form of pictures. You can easily start this business from home, all you need is camera and other equipments, a web- presence and you are ready to start.” says photographer Abhijan Chakraborty. Not only in cities, but this trend is becoming famous in small towns as well.


  1. Content Writing

With increasing start-ups and other companies, English content writer demands has also increased. Everyone needs a content-writer for, companies, blogs, newspapers and websites. “For people who are proficient in English, Hindi and regional languages, content writing can be a well paying online business from home for them that too without any investment.  You have to research and write articles on the topics provided to you.  You just need a laptop/computer or even cell-phone will work and internet connection at your home.” says Ankush Bandyopadhyay, a freelance content-writer.


  1. Graphic Design

There might be many graphic designers but there are far more companies, websites and organizations that needs designer. This profession requires certain level of expertise but if you are keen to learn, you can take help from YouTube. “ You will require a laptop or a computer, must have large screen and an excellent graphic card. It involves everything, from designing logos, signboards, business cards, pages of books etc. You have to be very creative and different from rest of the designers. It’s a perfect home based business to start. You can do freelancing as well.” Says Ciza Ghosh, a graphic designer. With knowledge of softwares, you also need to buy some pricey software. But the moment you will start earning, buying software will become easy.

5. Home- Tuitions

Everyone wants their kids to score above 90 percent, so for that parents are ready to pay handsome salaries to the tutors. This business hardly needs any investment. “You have to be expert in a particular subject like Maths, Science, Economics etc. But almost any subject will work. You can start this business right into your home. One thing you need to do is advertisement. In this present market scenario, word of mouth will also work for you. Do a little bit of research about the subject most people are doing business for.” Says Aditi Warnoolkar, a home tutor. Do your homework and set your price according to market value.


It’s the era of entrepreneurs or you can say home-entrepreneurs. With positive attitude, willingness to work you can start one of these home-based businesses. All you need is good skills and proper equipments and done. You are ready to launch a home-based business and make high profits.


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