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Companies that had not dealt with 2008 financial crisis would be facing difficulty in withstanding the current adversity
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  • Aug 01,2020
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The pandemic has affected almost every business in the Indian market. Even though essential items were in high demand during this phase, the entrepreneurs dealing in it faced a bit rough business conditions. After lifting the lockdown, normalcy has returned to the market and businesses are resuming operations following a temporary shut down.

While most of the companies had closed down their shutters, some continue working despite the prevailing situations. Such organizations primarily diverted their business and supplied market-relevant products. 

Though the pandemic is still affecting the economy, companies can rebound and cover losses incurred during the adversity. Here are some of the strategies that can help businesses rebound.

1. Maintain Marketing Budget and Outflow 

The companies have to demonstrate their strength and willingness to serve through excessive marketing. Cutting down the marketing budget can directly impact the business, while investing in it helps increase the business exponentially. Thus, for business recovery, putting money into marketing is essential for every business.

At this point in time, investing in the marketing budget can be bothering for the companies. However, they need to keep in mind that they can invariably cut down expenses in other areas. For instance, companies can converse with vendors and negotiate debt as well as repayments. In this way, they do not have to trim marketing strategy and meanwhile, can pay the debt whenever they are able to do so.

Seeing the current scenario, many organizations ponder to wipe out marketing but it is suggested to not do this mistake. Over and over again, marketing has turned out a crucial tool for the business landscape and is not merely an element to outgrow. Besides this, various other tools can be employed to stabilize the business.  

2. Increase Communication to Enkindle Loyalty in Clientele

In the economic slump, companies have to communicate with vendors and client base directly. While dealing with the clientele, entrepreneurs have to replace their roles from selling the product to helping the community. 

The entrepreneurs can further begin communicating with various potential customers and existing clients, thereby, gaining some advantages over other competitors. They can build thriving rapports with clients by communicating persistently and aiding them in multiple ways. If the potential customers cannot convert into customers instantly, then they can still think about the company later. 

Here are some of the ways to approach the existing clientele without a halt. 

1. Become Active on Social Media  

The companies need to be active on social media, even though the pandemic affects the market. By posting content every day, companies can show that they are working despite the prevailing circumstances. They can take an additional step to satisfy customers by putting images and videos demonstrating that the staff is taking adequate safety measures.

  • Roll Out Emails 

Companies can inform changes in business operations by sending emails to customers. Videos and pictures can be added to the email to make it interesting. However, keep in mind to share relevant information with the customers.  

  • Publish Blogs and Newsletter 

Companies have to optimize their websites by including blogs and newsletters. The content has to update in a timely manner. In the digital era, customers absorb content to the utmost degree and thus, companies can leverage their business by creating content regularly. 

3. Employ Available Resources 

At present, large corporations are offering a helping hand to small and medium-sized businesses. Giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are offering SMB-focussed programs. In a similar vein, every company should offer services that are cost-free and help thrive the community as a whole. 

The reason why big companies are doing such things is to win customers' loyalty and earn goodwill in the Indian market. By following this strategy, companies will have an upper hand over their competitors and also, create strong affinities with the customers.

The above cited information will help organizations combat the pandemic effectively. The strategies will help companies gain stability in these certain times and meanwhile, bolster growth. They will increase communication and ensure that the companies survive the pandemic. Thus, they play a two-fold role in business expansion by addressing market issues and adding more customers. 

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