Start These Tech Business Ideas in 2021

As technology has a huge prospects, young aspiring individuals can use this cue and start their own tech business under INR 5 lakh
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  • Jun 25,2021
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In today’s digital age, technology is ruling the business realm. Tech is a vast niche comprising various fields within it. Nowadays, it has become important to become versed with technology or else, you are not coping up with the current time. Companies are also adding technology as an important constituent in their practice as they have gauged its importance. 

Taking this as a cue, young aspiring individuals can start their own tech business under INR 5 lakh. In recent times, a great deal of small business ideas are available under INR 5 lakh. These small business ideas are viable and help earn more profits. Here is a list of tech businesses.

Online School 

Technology is reshaping the world. Its sparks have transisted education industry as well. If you possess know-how about a discipline, then share your knowledge with the rest of the world and earn money. For that, you can set up an online school such as Coursera, Digital Garage, Udemy and Udacity. 

As the online school business expands, you can hire a few teachers, who can help strengthen your business.

Tech Entrepreneur 

If you are versed with the latest technology such as AI, ML and UX design, then start offering business solutions to other companies. You can start a B2B business and facilitate other entrepreneurs in bettering their services or products. 

To set up your tech enterprise, you need an office space. After that, create a network and start reaching companies that are looking for tech solutions. Share your quotes with them and thus, struck a deal. 

Computer Training Institute 

Despite the current digital age, many people are not trained or well versed with computer applications. They face challenges in using MS Excel, MS Word and various other computer applications.

To help them out, you can start rendering the computer training. For this business, you need to have a few computers in a rented office space. Following that, you need to promote your business and state software that you are versed in; to do this, you can earn certifications and later, teach the same to others in person.  

Web Designing Services 

There is a huge demand for web designers in the job market. However, rather than working with a company, you can work for a company. You can become an entrepreneur and then offer services to other firms. 

In the present day, web designing has a huge potential. After becoming a web designer, you can easily set up your small business for under INR 5 lakh.

Actualise these tech business ideas under INR 5 lakh. Besides the cited business opportunities, there is a set of other business ideas available. If you know any profitable tech business ideas, then share with us in the comment section below. 

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