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If you want to establish your own business, then here are some viable businesses under INR 2 lakh
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  • Jun 22,2021
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Business opportunities are easily realised and flourished in India. Acclimatizing business landscape and business-friendly conditions are some of the aspects of the Indian economy. Owing to which, aspiring entrepreneurs are starting their venture and testing their luck. 

According to a date by the Commerce Ministry, the total number of people employed in Indian startups has surged from 1.53 lakh to 1.74 lakh. Irrespective of the epidemic, the Indian startup niche has recorded a robust headcount growth hiring nearly 14 per cent more employees in 2020 in contrast with 2019. 

Although in such challenging times, you should not lose hope. Your endeavour for starting a venture can be realised. With adequate business planning and minimal investment, you can initiate your business.  

At present, a handful of new small business ideas with INR 2 lakh has emerged. If you want to establish your own business, then here are some viable businesses under INR 2 lakh. 

Stationery Business 

Even though the health crisis is hovering over India for a year now, many sectors such as education have embraced this variation. Academic institutions accepted the reality much sooner than other sectors and thus, digitized the learning process wholly. 

Studying at home does not falter demand for stationery items. Students have to write, make notes and also, do homework. Therefore, there is unending demand for stationery items. New entrepreneurs can take this cue and start this business under INR 2 lakh. 

Mobile Servicing Business 

Mobile has become an essential item of people’s life today. A cell phone is employed for seeking knowledge, entertainment, communication and education. This small device has easily substituted computers and laptops in various areas. Due to an increase in usage of mobile phones, oodles of mobile-friendly applications are created targeting mobile users. 

Often, cell phones are broken and require repairing. Rather than going to a mobile company’s service center, people look for a cheaper alternative such as local mobile repairers. Aspiring entrepreneurs can see this opportunity and start their mobile repairing service business. 

To start the business, you would have to learn a mobile repairing course. After getting a certification, you can start promoting your business. 

Insurance Agency 

In today’s fast-paced life, having insurance is of utmost importance. Securing assets, one’s life and commodities are crucial and for that, a wide range of insurance are rendered. Some of the conventional insurances are life insurance, property insurance, and health insurance, amid others. 

If you have a knack for communication and have good persuasion skills, then you can think of starting an insurance agency. For starting your own agency, you have to become a certified insurance agent. Following that, you can start an agency and focus on getting customers. 

Bakery Shop 

If you have good culinary skills, then try your hand in baking. Similar to fast food, baked food has immensely grown popular among millennials. A wide range of baked food such as croissants, pies and pastries are well liked by people. 

You can use this skill and later, start your own venture. For starting a bakery, it is extremely important that you are capable of offering ignoramus amount of products. In the beginning, you can start fewer offerings and gradually, increase your menu. 

You can easily start these small business ideas in INR 2 lakh. If you want to know more such ideas, then share with us in the comment section. 

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