Start These Profitable Business Ideas in INR 2 Lakh

To help entrepreneurs find reasonably-priced and profitable businesses, here is a list of business ideas that can be established with INR 2 lakh capital
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  • Dec 03,2020
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The Indian business landscape has lately diverged. As a result, newly established businesses and also, aspiring entrepreneurs faced challenges in surviving the current ecosystem. The pandemic has changed today's business scenario, resulting in shutting down MSMEs that were unable to withstand. Seeing this fiasco, entrepreneurs are now looking for business ideas that can easily face this hailstorm and continue to be operational in the offing. 

To help entrepreneurs find reasonably-priced and profitable businesses, here is a list of business ideas that can be established with INR 2 lakh capital

Marriage Bureau 

Marriages are an intrinsic part of the Indian families. It holds an immense role in widening a family lineage and carrying forward tradition as well as culture. Despite the current health crisis, marriages have not stopped in India. They are performed in one way or another and therefore, marriage bureaus are surviving the economic downturn. 

For starting a marriage bureau, you need to have a wide network of customers, who are interested in nuptials. Matchmaking, which is an integral part, has to be done carefully. This business idea can be actualised easily under INR 2 lakh. 

Event Planning

Owing to the pandemic, the size of nuptials and parties have become extremely small. However, this has not affected people’s commemoration much. Going-to-be married duos are indeed seeking event planners to plan out their big day. Besides this, other small functions such as cocktail parties, birthday parties and anniversary parties are thoroughly planned through event planners. 

To become an event planner, you need to have experience in event planning or a formal training from an institute. Following this, you need to have a setup and form a good portfolio to impress the clientele. Further, you have to infuse not more than INR 2 lakh in setting up your business. Some infusion has to be done in promotion as well.

Stationery Business 

When the entire world stalled, the education sector was driving smoothly, unaffected from the pandemic. People were inclining towards education and opting for various courses to upskill themselves. At this point in time, several education-related businesses started growing as well. Stationery business is one of such business ideas whose demand is constant in the market. Offices, as well as individuals, need stationery supplies for daily work. As a result, this business would not go out of business in the offing. 

This business idea can be realised with a minimum INR 2 lakh. To establish it, you have to contact vendors and create a catalogue that you can later distribute in the office as well as other big workplaces. 

Salon Business 

Grooming yourself and maintaining hygiene are extremely important. People had given emphasis to the cited factors in quarantine as well. However, once the lockdown opened a huge number of people visited salons to groom themselves. This stated that there is a constant demand for salons in the market. 

Seeing the rising demand of salons, you can think of entering the industry. To initiate a salon, you need to have formal, as well as practical knowledge, about the beauty and wellness industry. Besides this, you should go for training and develop a good hand over various skills that are practiced in the salon. Once you attain formal training and education, you can kickstart your salon with a minimum investment of INR 2 lakh

These business ideas are profitable and can be established under INR 2 lakh. There can be more business ideas that can start with a capital ranging between INR 1 lakh-INR 2 lakh. If you know any such business idea, then share with us in the comment section below.

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