Start These Profitable Agriculture Business Opportunities

Transition in customers’ food preferences have created a new gap; aspiring entrepreneurs can close it by using agriculture business opportunities in Maharashtra
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  • Apr 09,2021
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The pandemic has jostled the Indian market. Many businesses have closed their shutters while some business opportunities have surfaced. On the flip side, a few businesses could stand the test of time and developed themselves. Indian agriculture is one such prospering sector that not only renders food to the entire nation but also supplies food to the other nations. During the crisis, people began worrying about their well-being and food habits. At this juncture, they started looking upon the agriculture sector and switched to healthier, organic food.

In Maharashtra, the agriculture sector contributes over INR 1.4 trillion to the gross domestic product thereby, becoming the highest contributor to the Indian economy, according to a report by Statista. The report also states that sugarcane accounts for a significantly large area in the state, yielding more than 74 thousand kilograms per hectare in the fiscal year 2016.

Transition in customers' food preferences and choices have created a new space for disruption. Aspiring entrepreneurs can observe this gap and penetrate the market. They can make use of surfacing agriculture business opportunities in Maharashtra.

Here are some of the agriculture business opportunities that enterprising minds can realize:

Online Grocery Portal

In this digital age, people are giving up traditional practices of buying food from shops. They now prefer buying products online and receiving them at their doorstep. Convenience presently matters more for customers above all other factors.

Considering this, aspiring entrepreneurs can think of establishing an online grocery portal. The portal will meet the daily needs of the customers and provide good quality food products. Delivering products will also be easy as the company can partner with logistic companies and offer instant delivery.

Flower Business

The flower business has been thriving for several years now. Apart from becoming a florist, one can grow flowers, sell them and create a venture in this segment. To start a flower business, one needs to possess a wide area of land, grow them and then sell it to florists.

Even, one can earn income by selling dry flowers as well. Dry flowers are primarily employed for craftwork. Therefore, entrepreneurs can earn revenue by selling dry flowers as well as fresh flowers in the market.

Dairy Farm Business

Milk and milk products are an important part of everyone’s diet. Owing to that, its demand is invariably high in rural as well as urban regions. Aspiring entrepreneurs can utilize this agriculture opportunity and step into the realm of dairy farming.

To initiate a dairy farm, one needs to invest in land, cattle, and fodder. Apart from this, one needs to understand trends and industry insights from veterans. Garnered knowledge will help manage the business in the long run.

Start an entrepreneurial journey with these agriculture business opportunities in Maharashtra. Apart from these opportunities, several other business ideas that one can follow to enter the state's industrial region. If you know any agriculture business idea, then share with us in the comment section below.


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