Start These Low Investment Businesses in Hyderabad

onsidering the ongoing business trends, there are a multitude of business ideas available
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  • Jun 19,2021
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Hyderabad is a magnificent city. It has a rich cultural heritage and an industrial base. It is a blend of two different realms. On one hand, it is aesthetic and connects with bygone eras while, on the other hand, it renders employment to people through its wide industrial hub.

The city's business landscape has grabbed the attention of various millennials and learned professionals, inducing them to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. Considering the ongoing business trends, there are a multitude of business ideas available. However, if you are planning to start a low investment business in Hyderabad then here are some business ideas

Grocery Delivery Business 

Grocery is an essential item and is always in demand. Seeing the recent unforeseen crisis, the demand for essential items has increased even more as compared to the pre-pandemic phase. Therefore, starting a grocery delivery business would be ideal at this point of time. 

To initiate this business, you will require to have a store in a crowded area. You would have to build rapport with vendors and ensure a constant supply of fresh food items. Alongside that, you can hire a few helpers to run daily errands and supply groceries at customers’ doorstep. 


To cure ailments and major diseases, medicines are an essential part of people’s routine. The demand for medicines or say, pharmacies increased tremendously during the health crisis. With the onset of the epidemic, the business system realised how small pharmacies are a much-needed business in every locality. 

Taking this cue, you can invest money in starting a pharmacy. To establish a pharmacy, you would have to attain a license and garner knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry. Following that, you can establish a pharmacy store in a busy street or small locality. The success of this venture is certain. 

Book Shop 

People’s attitude has drastically changed after the first wave of COVID-19. They have changed their habits and have grown inclination in spending time at home. As a result, a new slew of entertainment activities have emerged. Reading rich literature, playing indoor games, and gardening have become popular anew. 

Seeing this changing trend, you can start a book shop wherein you sell new books as well as rent old books. In this way, avid readers can read an ample number of books without putting a burden on their pockets. 

Manufacturing Business

It is the right time when people have changed their taste and started consuming indigeneous products more. ‘Vocal for Local’ was one such drive started to promote local products. The initiative stimulated people to procure products engendered by local manufacturers rather than global players. 

Witnessing this trend, you can think of establishing a small manufacturing unit. You can search for items that are widely sold in your neighbourhood or locality and accordingly, start producing them. A good market assessment will help you find a target audience. 

If you want to start a low investment business in Hyderabad, then these business ideas are the best. Apart from these options, there are various other business ideas as well. If you know some, then share with us in the comment section below. 

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