Social Media for Brand Promotion

Small businesses are building up their own brand name with the help of social media. Let's see how social media drive growth for business.
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  • Feb 09,2018
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In this highly dynamic and vibrant economy, social media has become an effective tool for brand promotion. Social media platforms have helped businesses to spread awareness about their brand worldwide. The savvy use of social media for brand promotion helps in gain subscribers, increase in sale and enhance brand followers. This promotional activity is the easiest way to build a brand name and tap into new markets.

By 2019, it is projected that social media users will reach up to 2.77 billion from 2.44 billion users last year, as per Statista research report. This analytics shows that social media penetration is constantly rising and with the increase in a number of users there will be more recognition for brands. For better understanding, let’s see how you can actually do brand promotion on social media and why is it the most effective way for it.

Strategies for brand promotion on social media

There are myriad ways to promote your brand on social media so let’s see some most common approaches.

  • Influencer marketing

This is a new way of marketing in which businesses are more focused on influencing people rather than targets market. Influencing people are hired by businesses to do their brand promotion on social media platforms. As these people have good followership so they are the best source to increase demand for the product.

  • Social media platforms

There are so many social media platforms on which millions of users explore products on daily basis. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the most common platform used by companies for their brand promotion. On these platforms, companies create a profile with their brand name and carry out promotional activities.

Benefits of social media promotion

  • You don’t require technical skills to carry out this promotional activity so it is easy.
  • As there are billions of users active on these platforms so you can reach out to them easily.
  • You don’t need to pay anything to carry out this promotional activity. It is free of cost.
  • You can network with interested consumers easily via messaging or in group discussions.

How networking platforms help businesses?

Entrepreneurs looking to expand their network or planning to sell/buy/invest in a business then these platforms are the best source available at present. There are platforms like BusinessEx where you can seek out various opportunities. Whether to form a network with investor, incubator, mentor, lender, or you need to sell or buy a business then these platforms will help out in carrying out all these activities. It is a good opportunity for small businesses to expand their reach and create a network f their own.


Most of the companies are using social media for their brand promotion as it has become as the best source to build brand awareness. This approach is highly effective for all types of businesses to promote their product offering without incurring any cost. Sometimes a person plans to sell their franchise then these online networking platforms are the optimum source. You can easily connect with a buyer by showcasing your brand on these platforms.



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