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SMEs: Take your Business Online

SMEs dispense your services at wide level via e-commerce to grow and prosper beyond expectations. Let's see how you can take your business online.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Aug 10,2017

E-commerce industry has opened up a lot of opportunities to flourish their businesses to next level. The change is now bringing Indian small retailers to grow beyond their expectations. If we analyse in the past five years many start-ups launched online and provided a platform to small businesses to expand their services to their platforms. The need to expand triggers the mindset of people and many of them took advantage of this need to start their own successful venture.

Take any example of e-commerce business, like Flipkart provided a platform to small businesses to showcase their products that will bring orders from their website, mobile application. They will provide delivery services also, but in exchange, Flipkart charges some fee for its services. As per information provided by a small distributor of bed sheets and bags on Flipkart, if a single bed sheet is costing Rs100 then the fee for e-commerce services will be Rs 30-35 on sale of product, that means 30%-35% and tax charges of 5%-30% depends on the product will be additionally charged by Flipkart.

It is surely an easy way out to market your product at wide level but asks you that wouldnt it be better if you dont have to share your earnings with anyone? well the only solution to this problem is taking your business online. Sure it needs resources like a website developer, delivery service provider, promotion, etc. This task is achievable only if you have enough capital or investors to back you up. It is a one-time investment which can be easily found if you have the right networking solutions.

Here comes the role of, this platform helps businesses to showcase their idea in front of investors and helps to make connections with the interested investors. This networking solution provider has a database of 3 Lakh+ investors scouting to invest their time and money in businesses. A low-cost solution to your business growth is


An ASSOCHAM-Resurgent Indiastudy stated that consumers purchasing products online are expected to cross 100 million by the end of 2017 with e-commerce market rise 65% on year in 2018. According to a research report by Forrester Research, Indian online market is expected to reach $64 billion by 2021, growing at a five-year CAGR of 31.2%. According to a market research by statista, Indian mobile user penetration is projected to reach 37.36% of the population in 2021. Internet users in India are estimated to exceed over635 million users in 2021.In 2016, physical goods sale via digital platforms in India amounted to $16.08 billion in revenues. These statistics clearly show that e-commerce is a good opportunity for small businesses to enhance their operations.


Success Stories


Founder Anil Moolchandani started his business career in a family owned sari shop in Delhi, after graduating from college. His first order, worth Rs. 12 (now US$ 0.25) came from a customer in Lucknow. The business mounted, and in 1981, the company held its first distributors' meet in New Delhi. In 1984, Archies acquired its first foreign license from Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck began appearing on Indian greeting cards.

In a short few years, Archies had become a recognized brand and a household name. The Archies Gallery chain came next. This first of its kind concept store opened in Kamla Nagar, Delhi, in 1987 and was an instant success. The year 1993 marked the opening of the 100th Archies Gallery store. As the market environment continued to evolve and internet became an important aspect of urban life, Archies kept pace by introducing e-cards and offering online gifting opportunities through its e-commerce portal E-commerce helps Archies to be Indias market leader in the social expression industry with over 60% market share in the organized sector. It has grown from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company. Archies Limited currently operates230+exclusive outlets in 15 states66cities and nearly300franchise outlets across India and neighbouring countries.


Sagar Ratna started its first branch in Defence Colony in 1986 and since then it has moved on to become the most preferred destination for South Indian Cuisines across the country. Within a short span, Sagar Ratna has spread its wings far and wide with its e-commerce platform At present more than 90 restaurants, Sagar Ratna has established its presence in NCR through company owned restaurants and in various prominent cities of North India through franchise outlets.

In an ever evolving market, Sagar Ratna believes in delighting the customers with their retail outlets and e-commerce services. Also, they try to bring innovation in their menu from time to time and that keeps them ahead of the competition.

How to take your Business Online?

In just five easy steps you can take your business online:-

Step1: Get a Registered Domain Name

To initiate your footsteps in the e-commerce market, firstly think of a small and catchy name for your business website, so it will be easily remembered by the targeted audience. Then visit any domain name registration portal to select the best suited available domain name for your website. A cheap solution to buy and register your domain name is GoDaddy website, sure there are also other portals available that you can go for.Once you have decided your domain name, then dont procrastinate. As there are chances that someone else might take your domain name.

Step2: Find a Web Hosting Services

Once your domain name is registered, find web hosting service for your website. These types of services allow individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via World Wide Web (WWW). These web host companies provide space on a server owned and leased for use by clients. There are free service providers and paid service providers, but select the one which offers all the services required for your website and gives you greater flexibility to do your own programming easily.

Step 3: Create your Website and Design

Its time to create your business website. Creating a website is not an easy task, so you can hire professional services to create your website with providing all the information your business is about and what is your product offering. With this information website, a developer will design the website that matches your product. The designing is an important step, the motive must be that the website is easy to access and must attract the desired audience.

Step 4: Have your own tech team to manage the website

While the creation of your website, start looking for a tech team to manage the website needs. The website requires constant update of information, programming, changes in designing, chat bots, support system etc. To fulfil all these stated needs, it is necessary to have at least 2 programmers for a website, 1 designer to make changes required on daily basis, support group to handle clients queries, SEO and social media team.

Step 5: Target your audience with Marketing

Once your business launch its done then, start focusing on the marketing of your website to achieve your main goal to attract targeted customers. For marketing, you need to be social in order to promote your website, majorly where your targeted audience comes the most like Google (Google Ads), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and offline networking.


Its true that using established e-commerce platforms for your business expansion is an easy choice, but being an entrepreneur finding an easy way out will not lead your business to success. So the preferable solution to expand your services is e-commerce and takes your business online. There is only one-time investment risk then there will be good returns in future. SMEs need investment for any solution then is the right solution to find a suitable investor for your business.

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