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Six helpful ways to deal with No-shows in the beauty salon business

Despite learning soft-skills, there are yet another tactics that salon owner must learn—how to nullify no-shows
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jan 22,2019

A beauty salon business requires constant dealing with the clients. Creating a positive impression and maintaining good relationships with the customers are imperatives of the business. In spite of variant situations, the salon owner needs to modestly react to customers queries and insensitive behaviour. Regular customer handling builds and imbibes customer-friendly nature in the salon owner.
Despite learning soft-skills, there are yet another tactics that salon owner must learnhow to nullify no-shows. In the salon business, you meet various kinds of customers, some are sweet whilst others are cunning and try every mean to bargain. Though, there is another set of customers who often promise to appear but does not turn up for appointments. These kinds are most annoying customers for you; other than time, these customers beget you to not take other appointments in the scheduled time.
As a result, being the salon owner, you suffer and loathe such customers. In the beginning, you may not realize how to handle customers who never turn up at the appointments. For beginners, it is significant to imbibe must-have entrepreneurial skills which help deal such customers.
Six Ways to nullify no-shows in the salon business
Late arrivals, sudden cancellations and no-shows are certain problems which often frustrate salon owners. To tackle such situations, you should adopt effective tips in your practice.

1. Introduce a cancellation policy
To avoid no-shows, you should draft a cancellation policy and paste it everywhere in the salon and spa. Further, ensure pasting it on the location, which is easily noticeable. While creating the cancellation policy, including the aftermath of no-shows and sudden cancellation. In addition, exhibit the importance of time as well as late arrivals in the cancellation policy. All these instructions should be written in a concise manner.

2. Implementing the cancellation policy
Creating the cancellation policy is not enough; you should also enforce it so as to ensure that the clients turn up in the respective appointment. A gentle reminder to the clients will be sufficed to exhibit that you are dire about the cancellation policy.

3. Take the card details or money
The best way to ensure if the customer is turning up is by taking down their card deets. Other than this, you may ask the customers to give some money in advance. If the customer gives a small of a portion of money in advance then it is obvious that the customer will show up. However, conversely, you can charge the money for cancelling the appointment.

4. Send appointment reminders
Many times, customers forget their beauty appointments and thus, reminding them of their appointments is another effective tip to ensure that they turn up. For reminders, you should use text message services over the emails. In essence, text messages are more read by customers than emails.

5. Handle no-shows
If the customer does not turn up then imposing cancellation policy is applicable. However, you should inquire as to what the reasons were which led to no-show. For that, always call the customer and seek reasons for a no-show. If you find customers reasons are genuine, then it is your take to impress the customer by not imposing the cancellation policy.
However, if you perceive that the customer is lying or making excuses then you can instantly impose cancellation policy on the customers.
6. Charge the money
If the customer does not show up and makes inapt excuses then you should charge money for the inconvenience you faced. Like customers, a salon owner also faces problems if the appointment cancels as they expect huge money from the customer. So, it is imperative to deduct a portion of money from the customers for begetting no-shows.
Adopt the aforementioned ways to avert no-shows in the salon business.

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