Secure Your Company’s Data against Cyber Attacks

When companies start operating online, the aforementioned issues begin looming over them and thus, enable companies to take precautions.
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  • May 09,2019
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Every incorporated company today has to adopt digital trends so as to survive in the market. Apart from creating an official website, a company has to also mark its presence at various other online platforms, essentially social media, as well.

Customer interaction and marketing become easy by using online platforms. The companies can target oodles of customers through one portal and in turn make marketing effective. Besides the positive attributes of the internet, there are some disadvantages too.

Cyber attacks and data breach are detrimental things that can damage a company. When companies start operating online, the aforementioned issues begin looming over them and thus, enable companies to take precautions.

Rising Cyber Attacks 

In the past, popular cyber attack software —WannaCry and NotPetyahave breached the online security of companies across the world. These cyber threats affected various nations and also halted their businesses for some time. These viruses have not spread through using any device but via small mediums such as spams, ransomware and phishing.

Since the cyber attacks are so rampant in India, the country was considered the third most vulnerable country in 2017 by Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR).

According to ISTR, 5.09 per cent of cyber threats detected in 2017 were in India, which was a little less than the 5.11 per cent in 2016.

To keep cyber threats in check, people, government and business entities should carefully use the internet and adopt security measures.

5 Security Measures to Prevent Cyber Threats from Damaging the Company’s Data

To prevent the company’s data from phishing or any other cyber-attacks,  company owners, as well as company personnel, should take some security measures. By adhering to these, a company can easily engage in online platforms and connect with the customers.

  1. Ascertain the Source of Emails

A common way of damaging a company’s data is by accessing information through emails. Many times, company personnel revert to a spam email without checking its authenticity. By sharing the information, the malware recognizes that the specific email or online medium is functional and subsequently attack it by corrupting the computer system. Therefore, the company personnel should be careful not to open spam messages and also refrain from sharing any information with other netizens.

  1. Create Strong Passwords

To prevent a data breach, companies need to keep strong passwords on their accounts. In order to create strong passwords on the accounts, the passwords should be created through a combination of words, numerical and symbols. Furthermore, the company should change its passwords on regular basis.

Besides keeping strong passwords, companies should upgrade their security by enabling two-factor authentication. By doing so, breaking into the companies’ accounts will become difficult for outsiders as an extra layer will be attached to the accounts.

  1. Take Backup of Files Regularly

Another way to prevent cyber threats is by creating backups of each and every file. If a company possesses a large amount of data then it should begin using data centre and servers.

If establishing a data centre is costly for a company, then it can opt for outsourced vendors to keep a backup of files.

  1. Use Protective Tools

Antivirus devices can help prevent the computer system from getting attacked by malware. Companies should install antivirus in all computer systems and keep upgrading them from time-to-time. Through this, many types of cyber attacks such as phishing, virus from external devices, and others can be prevented.

Companies need to follow the aforementioned security measures in order to reduce the risk of data theft. Apart from these steps, there are various other ways that companies could employ to prevent cyber attacks. 


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