Planning to Buy Businesses in West Bengal? Consider These Options

If you do not think of infusing money in the business then acquiring a small running business is also a good option
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  • Jan 11,2021
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Over the years, the business economy has flourished in West Bengal. Apart from being a beautiful province, it is gradually becoming an industrial hub thereby, elevating MSMEs in the state. The present business environment is conducive for MSMEs and facilitates running the businesses seamlessly. 

In IIMC's and NITI Aayog's report, key Industries in West Bengal are tea, petroleum and petrochemicals, leather, iron and steel, information technology, mineral resources, automobile and auto components, biotechnology, fisheries, jute products, and textiles. Kolkata, it's the capital city, has a sizable IT industry. In recent times, the state government has increasingly focused on the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector for job creation.

Seeing its business landscape, industry veterans have also stepped into its business ecosystem. At present, there are numerous sectors that investors can infuse into. Before going further, it is crucial to think about your savings, risk factors and market knowledge. If this option is not feasible, then you can think of acquiring running businesses in West Bengal. 

For this, you would have to explore running businesses for sale in West Bengal. It requires in-depth research as you would have to see the prospects of every business and accordingly, narrow down the best ones. To make your work easier, here is a list of successfully running businesses in West Bengal.

Logistic Business 

Logistics has become an imminent part of the industry today. It helps deliver an enormous amount of goods from one place to another. With the aid of logistics firms, the delivery of products have become safe as well as swift.

This sector is thriving in the country but lacks technological development and infrastructure. If you comprehend this sector well, then you can think of entering the domain. You can acquire a small logistics business and upscale it later. With this, you would be able to meet the growing demand of customers and also sustain in the competition.

Grocery Store 

Food is one of the basic amenities and thereby, dealing in it would be lucrative for you. A few months back, food grains were in massive demand across the country. The lockdown phase exhibited a never-ending demand for grocery stores

You can therefore think about acquiring a small grocery store in West Bengal. To make this business successful, you can create a mobile application and digitize it wholly. If you cannot digitise it, then you can offer home delivery to customers which would be a great relief for many.

Manufacturing Business

The agriculture sector is thriving in the state, giving immense revenue to the state government. Owing to this, mills and manufacturing businesses, which are contingent on agriculture, are also rising rapidly. 

If you are interested in the manufacturing sector, then you can consider acquiring a rice mill. The state is the highest producer of rice in the entire nation, thus, engendering different types of rice. By purchasing a rice mill, you can produce and package fine-quality rice and later, export them to other nations. In this way, you will not only sell rice in the country’s local market but also in other developed nations. 


Bengali food is a blend of various flavors and spices that widely attract people. If you like cooking and seek to know about Bengali food, then purchasing a running restaurant in West Bengal is a good option

By acquiring the restaurant, you would not only learn about Bengali food as a cuisine but also, get an opportunity to indigenize it. Later, you can opt for business expansion and increase business revenue. 

You can consider buying these running businesses in West Bengal. Besides this, there are other small business options available. If you know any viable businesses that have good potential, then share with us in the comment section below. 


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