Millennials Should Start These Business Ideas in Rural India

To improve the current state of rural India, millennials should start flourishing business ideas and augment business conditions in countryside
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  • May 27,2021
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Urban cities hold a vast majority of opportunities for people. Due to its increased employment opportunities and better living style, rural populations tend to migrate to urban areas. The rural demographic often thinks that they can lead a better life and have enough savings for their family that is living in a village. While day-dreaming this, rural millennials are unaccustomed with living expenses and competition that they have to face with city dwellers. 

One of the major causes of rural migration are less employment as well as business opportunities. Therefore, the economic scenario in the Indian rural areas is dim and gloomy. Rural youth are not aware of business ideas that they can practice. They are only versed with existential businesses that have been running in their neighbourhood for decades now. 

According to a report by Statista, in a survey conducted across India in April and May 2020, approximately 87 per cent of self-employed respondents in urban areas claimed to have lost their employment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This was the highest among casual workers in rural parts of the country. In general, employment loss in urban India was higher than in rural areas during the survey period.

To reduce the current state of unemployment, rural youth should avert migrating to urban cities. Rather than migrating, they should imbibe new skills, adopt technology and establish businesses. By doing so, mass exodus to urban cities can be ceased and the rural economy can burgeon. Here are some small business ideas for rural areas in India. 

Small Manufacturing Units 

In rural areas, a vast length of area is available at reasonable rates. Finding a workforce is also quite easy as compared to cities. However, one needs to train those unskilled workforce and training can be a bit daunting initially. 

While finding manufacturing business ideas, it is crucial to ascertain products or commodities that are in high-demand such as clothes, cloth bags, and disposable cutlery etc. Once you find the apt business idea, you can create a business outline, gather capital and search for a factory area. 

Grocery Store 

Food is an essential item and thus, dealing in the food realm will obviously benefit entrepreneurs. To start a business into this segment, you can start with a grocery store. Setting up a grocery store in rural areas is as beneficial as running it in urban cities. 

By getting your grocery store off the ground, you can serve needs to your locality. Sell them varieties of food products, introduce them with the latest products and meanwhile, help new brands venture into the countryside. 


Jute Bags Business 

Jute is a good biodegradable fabric. It not only has a rigid texture but also holds an aesthetic appearance. Owing to these attributes, it is in great demand in India and abroad. You can create jute bags and sell them directly to customers. 

For establishing this business, you need to find a large space, procure machinery and hire a workforce. You can also learn how to use the Internet and start selling jute bags online. The Internet gives access to the global market; therefore, you not only target Indian customers but international customers as well. 

Use these business ideas to realise your entrepreneurial voyage. These are some of the best small business ideas for rural areas in India. Want to know more ideas like these? then read articles on BusinessEx. 


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