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Low-Budget Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Funding is a crucial element while building a company. It is usually believed that sans money no business starts; however, this is a misconception and several businesses can initiate with low-investment or no investment.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 21,2019

Funding is a crucial element while building a company. It is usually believed that sans money no business starts. However, this is a misconception and several businesses can initiate with low-investment or no investment. The foremost thing that helps a business survive, prosper and yield revenue is potential as well as hard work. Angel funding or seed funding comes into play once an entrepreneur builds a concrete enterprise and administer it effectively. 

Many renowned industrialists such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk had begun from small business and gradually turned their small businesses into a giant venture. The key strand which thrust up their business was an idea. 

Implying an idea into actuality and trailing it religiously with a few altercations help build a successful business. Besides establishing a big enterprise, one can start a business with a low infusion. 

So, here is a list of businesses that one can start with a minimum INR 10,000 investment. 


1. Mobile Recharge Shop 


 In this digital era, almost everything can be performed online from shopping to learning cooking. Similar to this, mobile recharge can be done online and even though, many people prefer going to recharge shops. An aspiring entrepreneur can start a mobile recharge business and for that, he needs to rent out a shop in a crowded region. Further, he needs to partner with various network operators and jot down the commission amount that they will receive for every recharge you would do. Renting out a small-sized shop and paying out for electricity will aggregate to INR 10,000.


2. Travel Agency


The Indian travel industry has surged in the past few years. Due to the shifting consumer habits, wanderlust has become a common interest amongst affluent people. This brings out the right opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their travel agencies. 

To initiate this business, the entrepreneur can tie up with host travel agencies and subsequently, sell packages. In this manner, the businessman will remain his boss and would not work as an employee of the host agency. This partnership will be bear additional benefits for the businessman as he will find ease in getting CLIA, IATA or ARC and further, help earn more revenue along with fewer costs. The primary costs that a businessman spends are on partnering with host agencies that are, nearly INR 10,000.

3. Breakfast Joints 



Good food is something everyone relishes and if your culinary skills are first-rate then you can easily start a low-budget food business. To start a food business, you can prefer initiating breakfast joints rather than restaurants. For that, you need to rent out a shop in a crowded space and decide the type of food that you want to serve to the masses. Serving quick and healthy snacks can be served initially and gradually, more things can be added contingent on customer preferences in that region.

 In this business, you can rent out a small shop of nearly INR 5,000 and reflect on your decided menu you can buy groceries accordingly.

Aspiring businessmen can start the above-mentioned businesses with low investment. These business ideas will involve less risk, as well as a capital infusion, in the initial phase. 

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