Learn 3 Effective Ways To Promote Laboratory Business

Grasp 3 ways to promote laboratory business in India
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  • Nov 27,2018
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With the increasing size of the ailing demographic, professional medical laboratory business has rapidly initiated in India. The laboratory services which is deemed the essential source for assessing a disease is controlled by both public as well as private sector. Presently, the niche players in the industry are private-held companies: SRL Diagnostics, Dr Lal Path labs, Metropolis and Thyrocare, to name a few.  

According to Ken research, “India diagnostic laboratories market was worth INR ~ crore in FY’16, which included both government and private laboratories, recording a growth at a CAGR of ~ per cent in between FY’2011 to FY’2016 with revenues being INR ~ Crore in FY’2011.”

The Ken Research report states that the main cause of the increase in pathology labs across India is the increased density of illness amongst the Indian demographic. As a result, people actively “undergo tests at pathology centres” (credited source- Ken research)

Why Is There A Need To Promote A Laboratory Business?

Since the private share in the diagnostics laboratories market is large, thus it is an indication that the industry has huge growth prospects for entrants. In order to augment one’s business, it is essential for business owners to promote one’s laboratory business. In the cut-throat competition, promotion is one of the essential ways to gain recognition amid the general masses. To utilize this tool effectively, one needs to know some cost-effective marketing strategies.

  1.    Create A Website For The Laboratory Business

In the modern era, almost every individual possesses an internet-enabled phone which acts as a handy and cost-effective source of information. So, by creating a website of one’s diagnostic centre, one would be easily enticing more customers toward the lab. The ideal website should be updated, informative and educative. It should render useful information to the visitors and thus, elaborately tell them about the services of the diagnostics centre.     

  1.    Widely Promote On Social Media

Today, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Utilizing it in the promotional activity is the easiest way to reach a vast majority of the population. So, keep posting adverts and other social posts to drive the market out of the virtual world. The posts and adverts will eventually help reach a wider audience without investing much time and money.

Furthermore, build a social group on social websites to remain connected to the customer base. Timely update new informative content in the group so as to keep customers engaged.

  1.    Employ SEO To Increase Online Presence

In the digital era, employing digital strategies or mediums is important to increase online presence. Now, the trend of enquiring others to ascertain a local service or shop has ended; the new generation is self-sufficient and thus, instantly uses the internet to ascertain local services in a region. This practice has immensely turned useful for enterprises, which have nationwide presence owing to their operational websites.

In order to increase their customers through the online medium, the entrepreneurs can utilize SEO strategy. The SEO is the fresh, nascent way to increase Google ranking. Usually, netizens while searching a business type “best services in the town”. This phrase, if added to the website in a large number, then it can increase the online ranking of the business. Thus, employ an SEO expert for the job.

Follow the above-mentioned suggestions so as to promote the business and increase the customer base.     

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