It’s Time to Change Customer Experience During Pandemic

With the onset of pandemic, it has become even more important to keep customer relationships intact
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  • Jun 24,2020
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All relationships whether formal or informal embody emotional connect within it. In view of the business, emotional connection is essential for comprehending the needs of two parties. An ideal customer relationship is created over the time, thrived by various touchpoints, and made permanent through constant interactions. 

With the onset of pandemic, it has become even more important to keep customer relationships intact. As in such times, loyal customers only uphold the business and help generate revenue. Even though lockdown is partially lifted up, there is always apprehension of contracting  the Coronavirus. As a result, human interactions have been restricted in business as well as in general. This has impacted businesses and turned customer rapports into a pain point. To mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the business and its clientele, a company has to adopt these steps.

Focus on Strengthening Customer Relationship

Clientele is the most important source for running business during the crisis. In this chaotic situation, struggles that a business is making for survival should not be demonstrated in its services and products. Customers should always be shown agility in work, and given immediate attention. During this time, when people are forced to stay home, limit physical movement to crowded areas such as the market, and office etc. The human interaction is completely broken off and in turn, impacting consumers and businesses' rapport as well. 

The businesses should modify their customer relationship and accordingly, give a human touchpoint considering physical distance a limitation. In this manner, rapports with customers will bolster and remain intact in the offing. 

In pre-pandemic, PwC research stated that 59 per cent of consumers globally feel that the companies have lost or eliminated the human component of the customer experience. While 75 per cent consumers revealed that they would prefer interacting with humans rather than automated machines. At present, people would be grappling to find out points of the ‘new normal’ and require human touch. For example, while purchasing food and other essential items from an online application, no human touch is involved. Customers, thus, do not know about quality, shelf life and other scrutinizing factors that are used while purchasing products.

Make Human-friendly Digital Interactions 

In the tech-enabled world, human interactions have subsided with virtual and automated ones. Corporations employ these channels as they are efficient as well as an effective source of communication. However, these communication channels have limitations too. Customers cannot feel human touch while conversing through the cited channels.  

In the present state, when face-to-face communication has been minimised owing to social distancing, individuals feel detached. Corporations have to understand the emotional turmoil that general masses go through and use this opportunity to show care as well as affection. This can be done by enhancing their experiences and surprising them with sweet gestures. 

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