Innovative Ideas For Starting A Private Ambulance Business

Ever since the pandemic, we have observed a great surge in demand for emergency medical services. This has led to some ground breaking innovations in private ambulance businesses, here is our key takeaway from this development that can revitalize your business operations too.
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In times like this, the entire world has witnessed the need for ample resources in the field of medicine and health. Even the most developed countries of the world faced a shortage of:


  • Masks, 
  • Safety equipment,
  • PPE kits,
  • Medical staffs and 
  • Ambulance 


The scene worsened to the extent that people were not even able to find a bed for themselves in the hospitals. At such unfortunate times, local people started willingly, and voluntarily offering helps.


They rented their places for the needy, rented their vehicles in the commuting services, raised funds, and worked as staff in the required medical centers.


Someone has rightfully said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. And the one interesting innovation we saw was in the emergency medical services (EMS) segment. While the Centralized Accidental & Trauma Services (CATS) and Dial 108/102/1298 ambulances were failing to mitigate the urgency of COVID associated cases, private ambulances took up space and quite vigilantly so.


Private Ambulance Business


Private ambulances are one of the essential resources in the health and medicine industry. Ambulances services play a significant role in saving a life. If the ambulance reaches on time, they act as a blessing in disguise for the patient.


Earlier, the ambulances were run only under the supervision and authority of the hospitals or government. Still, with the growing and the spreading concern of the shortage of the resources and facilities of services and resources in the hospitals or medical centres, the allowance of private ambulance services became a necessity.


The private ambulance business became very famous and very required in due course of time. The better quality and quantity services offered to the patients by the private ambulance companies made it more preferable among the patients. 


Crucial Insights On Private Ambulance Business


The statistical data accounted for in the past few years give us a glimpse of how the countries are trying to increase the number of ambulances running there. They are trying to promote the business of private sectors in the field of transportation and commutation related to medical facilities. 


The World Health Organization has decided that every country needs to cross the bar of one ambulance per one lakh people. If we talk about India, here the government approximately runs 24,000 ambulances, and the records related to private ambulances are demanding and challenging to gather and compile. 


The ambulances are supposed to respond to the calls within 20-25 minutes. The ambulances charges are different for each of the vehicles, and the rates are supposed to be very reasonable. 


Balancing Innovation With Perseverance


To be successful in attempts of the establishment of business in a particular field, first, the complete and thorough idea of the domain is fundamental. So the first step begins with knowing and assessing the types of ambulance business services present in the market.


Types Of Private Ambulance Services


There are primarily two types of privatized ambulance services...


1. Emergency Ambulance Services


As the name suggests, Emergency Ambulances are the ones that are used in situations of medical emergencies. To provide the basic and the necessary treatments required in cases of critical problems, these ambulances are fully equipped with the required apparatus.


 The types of equipment and services that are compulsory to be included in the emergency ambulances are ventilators, oxygen masks, medical staff, air conditioning, and so on.


2. Non-Emergency Medical Services


Non-emergency Medical Ambulances are not as much equipped as the emergency ambulances, but they contain the necessities required for the survival of the patient in the case.


Both of them include the basic first-aid kit. These ambulances are primarily used by the hospitals to drop the released patient along with other tasks on the list as well.


Optimal Utilization Of Capital


Any business can only start with the investment of capital in the correct place. The accurate analysis of the investment plan helps any businessman lift the graphs quickly and efficiently.


An example of this point, in the field of ambulances, could be an efficient decision concerning the distributions of the funds. A person has to be very thoughtful and sure about how much he/she wants to spend at which place (like the advertisements, on the staffs, vehicles or pieces of equipment, etc.)  


Calibrated Process Of Onboarding & Staffing


In the case of hiring staff or employees for the administration and management of the private ambulance business, specific criteria for eligibility must be kept in mind.


The drivers must have a certified driving license, and a test of their smooth driving must be conducted. For the rest of the staff, a basic level of knowledge in the field of medicine must be acquired.


A group of highly qualified accountants and managers are essential too. They will be efficient in managing the graphs and statistics of the income and finances of the company. 


Final Note


Private ambulance business in times of surging demand requires larger bandwidth and faster turn-around time. Small players ought to borrow a leaf from the books of organized players in this segment. Players like Stanplus and Medulance have proved their mettle in terms of providing tech compliant and value-driven services without hampering their business at an operational scale.


Efficient management and administration of private ambulance businesses come with experience. No talent can be gained or mastered in a single day or even in a couple of days. Consistency towards the hard work and efforts placed in the initiative is what makes a business successful.


Apart from this, improvement and up-gradation in accordance with the latest technology is pivotal to groundbreaking innovations. Moreover, private ambulance businesses will need to be adept with adequate personal safety and sanitization in times of COVID 19.  



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