Increase Your Sales Through Social Selling

sales team currently has to adopt and look for new ways to connect with target audience
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Jul 09,2020
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Over the past few months, sales have dramatically decreased in the market. The epidemic has affected hundreds and thousands of sales jobs across the globe. In-person sales now seem to be a thing of the past as the forthcoming time is unlikely to adapt it faster. Many companies that had purely relied on sales have to divert to social selling strategies.

Creating a fool-proof sales strategy is imperative as the companies are examining platforms to enable online sales. This, in turn, will lead the sales team to adopt new ways and also, connect with the right prospects. In essence, social selling can reach a larger extent of customers than traditional methods of selling.  

Here are some of the tips that companies should follow while adopting social selling strategy.

1. Build Relationships

In the adversity, making sales becomes a daunting task as people are mostly reluctant to procure things. Therefore, a company should initially focus on creating rapport with customers. Sales professionals have to be trained and encouraged to form bonds with prospects.

Once relationships are built, the conversation can gradually lead to a business rapport. This will enable customers to purchase everything from disinfectants to washing machines. In this way, sales can be possible in these uncertain times. However, companies should invariably pose as a valuable associate and build confidence amongst people.

2. Offer Solutions

The companies should rather resolve queries and improve products than massively promoting products.  If customers face a problem with a product, companies have to state as to how they can fix it. Seeing this tough time, the companies should take some measures into selling and advertising. Sales pitch has to be trimmed down and converse on matters that interest prospective clients. This will build customers' interest in the compat and grow the propensity of buying a product. 

Also, companies can begin talking shop and inform about different products over video chats. Talk shops will build interest of the attendees in the company's products and beget lead conversion as well.

3. Generosity 

The companies have to adopt a skill set to entice prospects towards the product. Whether they are giving demos or presenting their thoughts, engaging the audience is paramount. They should be ready to give free advice to the people. After winding up the talk shops, companies should not directly approach customers and push them for buying products. A beautiful relationship should rather be grown and business-related favours can come later. 

4. Gather Information 

Companies that have a B2B business model need to do prior research of prospects before approaching them. They can learn important information from prospects' Linkedin profile. If the prospects are renowned figures, companies can dig deeper to find out articles about them. Amassing knowledge will help make conversations interesting as the companies will be well aware of the prospects' background. Also, potential clients will appreciate that sales professionals made efforts to know them.

The above-cited ideas should be adopted to create a viable social selling strategy. Apart from this, companies can develop their own ideas considering different industries they work in.


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