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Increase your Beauty Salon Business This Summer

Each quarter comes with its unique challenges and consequently new services are added alongside marketing strategies to run a business effectively.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
May 18,2019

For running a salon business, an entrepreneur has to work hard throughout the year. Each quarter comes with its unique challenges and consequently, new services are added alongside marketing strategies to run the business effectively.

Marketing Strategies for the Summer Season

Every season the salon clienteles requirements changes and also the kind of customers vary. Among all the seasons, summers is considered the most difficult for salon owners as customers count drastically decreases. As a result, salon owners try different ways to attract customers to their outlet. To know workable marketing strategies, here are some of the successful ways to allure customers to the salon.

  1. Target Customers via Promotions

On special days, such as Fathers day and Mothers day, salon owners can entice customers by offering discounted services or special services for the customers. For the millennial, one can start services which are rendered to members only. By introducing this service, a salon owner can have lots of loyal customers and further generate huge profits.

  1. Buy Seasonal Products

Another important way to attract customers is by purchasing products which are popular in the summer season. Nail paints, tan removal creams, sunscreens are some of the products that the salon owners must have.

Today, customers want products which are organic like fresh fruit for their facials and so on, since they yield good results. Keeping this requirement in mind, a salon owner should also buy organic hair and skin care products. If salon owners have a stock of winter products left, then those can be sold at good discounts.

  1. Start New Marketing Trends

If a salon owner wants loyal customers then he needs to create strong marketing strategies, like hot hairstyles for this summer, and others, and promote them on social media as well as in the salon.

The netizens will like those hairstyles and consequently come to the salon. In this way, the customer base will increase and also the revenue will not stagger.

  1. Give Free E-gift Cards to Customers

E-gift cards are popular and they are used as a source of promotion by B2C companies. Salon owners can also collaborate with online gift companies for e-gift cards with their offerings. In this way, salon owners can give e-gift cards to the customers who visit the salon, and they will like getting services and additional gifts at a nominal price.

  1. Emphasise Consistency of Services

There are various hair care services which require constant carehair colour touch-ups and hair treatments, to name a few. Salon owners need to exhibit to their customers about how much that consistency in these aforementioned services is required so that hair quality remains good throughout the season.

Salon owners should follow the aforementioned marketing ideas to avoid revenue to stagger in summers.

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