Important Lessons Women Entrepreneurs Should Learn

Entrepreneurship is an unbiased ground; men and women can equally venture into the business realm and test their potential
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Sep 14,2021
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Entrepreneurship is an unbiased ground. Men, as well as their women counterparts, can equally venture into the business realm and test their potential. However, a meager number of women can sustain themselves in the highly competitive business marketplace. Gender stereotypes, lack of education, and skill set are problems that obstruct the growth of aspiring female entrepreneurs.  

According to a report by Statista, women owned a little over 20 per cent of all micro, small and medium businesses across India compared to nearly 80 per cent among men in the financial year 2021. Furthermore, women had the highest share of micro-businesses within business sizes, with more enterprises in rural areas than urban parts of the country during the measured period. Since women's participation in the MSME sector is low, their sustenance becomes even more challenging. Here are some ways that help female entrepreneurs stride along with other competitors. 

Learn from Mistakes

Accepting flaws is a good thing but it is pivotal to learn from them. Whenever you are closer to an objective, mistakes unintendedly happen and meanwhile, teach a lesson or two. Nonetheless, it is on you whether you adopt that lesson in the practice or overlook it.  

Once you attain a goal, you can only be confident of its success after you have scrutinized it from all angles. Studying a project deeply and ascertaining mistakes beforehand is a good practice; it does not leave room for blunders. Besides this, you should avoid learning every skill possible in the market and sometimes, rely on others. 

It is not important for female entrepreneurs to become well-versed with everything in the business marketplace. However, they need to entrust responsibilities to others as well. 

Support Others 

To determine others’ capability, entrust them with important projects. Assign tasks as per their caliber and additionally, give them the freedom to implement innovation as well as creativity. The practice will engender better results among employees. Employees also feel supported and ecstatic if given significant projects to work upon. To do so, female company owners have to employ seasoned professionals, who possess advanced skill sets and also, are good leaders.  

After delegating important tasks or projects to experienced professionals, female entrepreneurs will be left with ample time to divert attention on other matters and meanwhile, explore other opportunities for their business. 

Help Others Learn 

Gender differences are predominantly visible in the business ecosystem. As a result, there is a larger proportion of male business owners working in the industry than female ones. This creates a lopsided situation and impacts the nature of other female entrepreneurs since they strive to be equal to their male counterparts in the industry. 

Consequently, female business owners end up imitating male entrepreneurs and take decisive steps by putting themselves into the latter's shoes. This practice is not cohesive for all matters, thus, female entrepreneurs should avert imitation. They should act normally and make decisions based on their instincts and experience.   

Grasping these lessons is vital to becoming a successful women leader amid a male-dominated business world. These lessons help recognize your limitations, correct them and work hard for perfection.  



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