How to take your startup from failure to success?

An entrepreneur is the one who understands the true value of its investment so if you are failing at what you do then find these solutions to take your business to success.
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  • Jan 03,2018
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When a start-up reaches a point of failure in its lifecycle then the easiest way that entrepreneur finds is to give up. It is true that there are difficult situations that occur in business lifecycle but one shouldn’t forget that challenges are the part of an entrepreneur life. It is essential that entrepreneur understands that how they started their business in the first place without anything and now the end could be the new beginning.

The best two possible ways in this situation are either to sell the business or focus on starting the business with a new perspective. If you are going to the first solution then you can find the buyer easily on online networking portals like BusinessEx. If you opt the second choice then you should consider the given below points on how to make a business rise from failure.

Backup Plan

An entrepreneur must plan while considering positive as well as negative aspects. There are some unannounced risks occur which makes it difficult for a business to function according to plan so it is essential to have a backup plan to overcome the challenges. If you don’t have a plan then you should prepare one and prevent your business from shutting down. While preparing the plan must ensure that you consider all the drawbacks that might hinder your business function.

Build a strong network

It is essential that your startup has a strong network to get support both financially as well as emotionally. A strong network must include investor, lender, mentor, incubator, etc. If you are looking to create your network now then you must not worry as a platform like BusinessEx can easily guide you through it. The platform helps startups and business to connect with investors, incubators, mentors, incubators and brokers.

Raise funds

The general reason behind closing down of any business is lack of funding which can be rectified by networking with lenders to raise loans and from investors to secure funding but the actual question is how to find investors and lenders? You can easily network with them on BusinessEx so that you can get back on your feet to build your startup into a successful business.  

Seek mentorship

If you have failed in what you do then you must lack something. Not everyone is born entrepreneur as there are many essential things that one learns from experience. A mentor is a guide who has experienced different situations and knows how an industry works, so you must seek mentorship to improve your business performance. To find a mentor you know the best solution is this portal.

Incubator Support

Incubation has become easy way to success as incubator joins the force of business to take it towards business and takes some stake or percentage of profit in exchange. Incubators have experience in facilitating startups to grow by providing resources and guidance. Now with the introduction of virtual incubation, it is easier for startups in core areas also to find incubator help.

Cut Cost

When the business is in a bad situation the most important thing that needs to be done is cut done resources. Like Snapdeal e-commerce platform which was going to be sold to Flipkart but at the end, the CEO of the company held back and introduce Snapdeal 2.0 after cutting short its half of the employees. So it is preferred that you consider all the options for survival then start thinking about success.

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