How to Promote Your Business With Less Investment

The online marketing techniques are easy and convenient; any individual or entrepreneur can use them with a bit of guidance
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  • Jun 15,2020
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In today's time, an ideal business is the one that survives every storm. For becoming this steel-strong, it is important to derive changing trends and keep using available resources. Taking an example of a startup, which strives to sustain in initial years and aims to use resources having minimal cost. This approach of using low-cost resources and employing them in the utmost manner helps keep their business afloat. Once a startup gains immense recognition in the market, it tends to increase its investment on marketing to attract more customers.

This similar concept can be used by small units who are new to the promotion regime. Despite staying in the market for prolonged time, small enterprises are not aware of new marketing techniques. As a result, they end up spending chunks of money on offline sources like posters, pamplets, and banners, etc. In the present time, it is essential to realize the benefits of digital marketing tools. The online marketing techniques are easy and convenient. Any individual or entrepreneur can use them with a bit of guidance. Some of the common marketing tools used by the companies today are: 

1. Business Promotion on Social Media 

Social media networks have connected people with their dear ones residing across geographical boundaries. Besides enabling communication, social media sites like Facebook, and Instagram can be employed to meet prospective customers. Small companies can begin their company pages and start advertising about their business. 

They can talk about their product, product features, and reviews of satisfied customers. This will attract new users and also develop their interest in using the product. The companies can use social media platforms to deliver knowledge about a certain field that only they possess. By sharing valuable insights, people will start following a company's page and consider the company a market expert.

2. Word of Mouth Promotion 

When customers feel satisfied by using a company's product, they come back to buy products. These kinds of customers become loyal customers for the company and can be used to attract potential customers. 

Thus, whenever a customer gives a positive feedback of a product, the company should request a video review from the customer and upload the same on the website as well as social media channels. This will improve the online presence of the company and grab attention of other netizens. 

3. Enhance Customer Loyalty 

Once a company knows who its loyal customers are, then it needs to create customer loyalty programs for them. By doing such programs, the customers interest in the product will remain constant and they would not think of going anywhere else. 

For this, the company can begin offering small discounts and gift hampers to the loyal customers. Later, it can create membership plans for the customers, wherein special product offers will be only offered to the customers who regularly buy its products. In this way, the company ensures that their loyal customer base remains with it for a prolonged period. 

Use these cost-effective techniques to market the business and add on more customers to nexus.


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