How to make your office a better place to work

Employees are the wheels of all the companies. You need to keep them motivated and for that you have to provide them a better work-environment
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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship.” Said Michael Jordan. One thing that every entrepreneur must keep in mind is that without a team you cannot reach the heights. Your team is your greatest asset. You have to keep them motivated, as productive as possible and happy. A survey by Glassdoor, a noted job recruiting site, found that 80 percent of the employees prefer new or additional benefits or perks to pay a raise.  “You have to make your work environment a happy-place. They are working for you so it’s your responsibility to encourage them to get more work done but try to avoid stressing them out.” Says Shubhechha Awasthi, HR at Pyramid IT Consulting. Creating a work environment is important for overall success of any company.

Here are some ways to make your office a better place to work,

  1. Get-togethers, go out with your team

Yes, you are the boss but try to mix up with your team and go out with them. It’s a great way to know everyone personally.  “Once or twice a month we have a team get together in which our CEO also joins us. I think it’s a great way to rejuvenate ourselves from hectic work schedules. Also, this helps in forming relationships outside work which can later be helpful in collaboration at work.” Says Shubham Rana, a software development engineer at Oyo. Socializing with your team will help you to communicate better, increase your trust and work better together.


  1. Give a home-like touch by decorating your work-place

Do not give your office a dull look. Make it bright, attractive and interesting. “ If you want your team to enjoy while working, make sure you provide a workspace like that. I believe your office is the reflection of your brand. Decorate it accordingly. Or you can take help from your teammates that will be kind of fun and everyone will get to work together.” Says Ashima Bansal, HR at Digicall. Your workers should love the place where they work and by doing this, you can motivate them to be more productive.


  1. Let them not forget their hobbies

I guess everyone has some hobbies. But because of work pressure or some other reasons they cannot pursue it. “At work places, try to encourage your workers. Keep them alive. You can give them half an hour or less to spend on their hobbies. This will reduce their stress, recharge them, make them happy and more innovative and also gives a chance to your team to bond over some common interests.” Told Awasthi.


  1. Celebrating small victories for more happiness

Teresa  M Amabile, one of the world’s leading researchers studying organization, has found that one of the biggest influences on workplace happiness and productivity is the, ‘Progress Principle.’ “ Generally people celebrate their long term goals but one should not ignore the small achievements, but it should be meaningful to the workers. If you want your team to be happy, make sure that they feel they are progressing and they are an important part of the company.” Says Bansal.

  1. Communicate with your team members

The management as well as team members must emphasize on their communication methods and the effects they have on the office environment. This also includes proper feedback to employees about their work and the prospects of improvement. “After getting a feedback employees feel motivated and encouraged if it’s a positive feedback. Tell them how they are contributing towards company’s success. Also, show your gratitude for hard-work. If needed ask employees for their feedback and ideas.”  Says Awasthi. This will improve your communication process  and create a transparent and better work environment.

 Not only the above but Lisha Gupta, Marketing administrator at Eventoss says, “Sometimes they must organize games, quiz, free snacks in the evening or some trip. I think all these impacts an employee’s mood and improve their productivity.”  You can also get a pet, that will definitely reduce stress and increase communication.

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