How to maintain good relation with mentors?

If you are having trouble in maintaining good relations with mentor then please find below some tips that could help you out.
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In present times, a mentor is a need for the entrepreneur as there are a lot of challenges those startups have to face. The mentor is required if you wish to run a successful business or build your own personality. A mentor supports and guides entrepreneur in good times as well as in bad times so it is essential that the relationship between mentor and mentee remain positive.

A mentor plays an important role in business development so if you are finding a mentor then you can easily scout on online networking platform BusinessEx. But please make sure that you build your relationship with a mentor on good terms to find success in business. Let’s see what you need to do to maintain good relation with the mentor.

Respect and Trust

A relationship between mentor and entrepreneur needs to build on respect and trust. Both mentor and mentee need to respect each other. Trust also plays an important role in building a relationship between the two. For example, if an entrepreneur doesn’t trust the mentor then there will be a conflict of interest which may hamper business operations so it is essential that both should maintain a healthy relationship.

Positive Attitude

Both mentor and mentee need to have a positive attitude when entering in a new relation as if any one of them start thinking negatively then there will be damage to both of them. It is generally seen that greed, ego, jealousy are the main causes why a relation breaks so it is better than both the parties have a positive attitude towards each other.

Learn and Apply

A mentor is an experienced player who understands the market much better than a new entrepreneur so there are a lot of things that one could learn from a mentor. A mentor always finds a way out in the difficult times which entrepreneurs need to learn and apply the same rules and theories that the mentor apply. Mentors never misguide the entrepreneur so make sure you learn as much as you can from them.

Keep Sharing

The most important thing that strengthens the relationship between mentor and mentee is sharing of information. If an entrepreneur keeps the mentor up to date with what’s going on in business then mentor will be keener to help you out. A mentor cannot look into operations all day long so it is essential that you keep him/her up to date.


A mentor is someone who is there whenever you need so it is essential that you appreciate his/her efforts from time to time so that he/she doesn’t feel taken for granted.

Mutual Growth

Every person wants to grow and have their own goals similarly mentors and entrepreneurs have their own goals. If you start thinking solely about your growth and overlook mentor needs and goals then there are high chances that your relationship could end on a bad note. One should always think of mutual growth so that both parties stay satisfied and help each other out.


A relation between mentor and entrepreneur should be on good terms as there are a lot of drawbacks if it’s the other way around. If you are having trouble in maintaining good relations with a mentor then some tips are given above which you can use for better future of business. If you are looking for a mentor then register on BusinessEx and you will find myriad mentor options.

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