How to Hire an Effective Marketing Professional for Your Company

A marketer plays a vital role in building an impressive portfolio of the company and, further, carries out marketing strategies for product promotion.
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When a product comes out in the market, promoting it becomes a big task for the company. Persuading the customers about a product’s qualities over other brands and ensuring that a sale is made are somewhat arduous tasks. For this,  a company needs a team of marketers who would understand the needs of consumers, present the product in the market as initiation and help the sales’ team convert a lead into a successful sale.

With the changing times, the role of marketers has also been enhanced in a big way. Earlier, a marketing person used to promote products physically by creating offline campaigns and building relations with entrepreneurs. However, the competence of a marketer is now assessed through his vigilance in terms of trends and competition analysis, product knowledge and online marketing skills. Perhaps, online marketing skills have become a prerequisite for promoting a product effectively. Some of the most used online marketing tactics are content marketing, SEO, email marketing, online advertising and social media marketing. By employing these strategies, a marketer can target an array of customers.

So, while looking to fill the position for marketing, an entrepreneur needs to reflect on the following factors.


1. Employ a Marketer for One Specific Role


Since targeting consumers becomes easier through the internet, thus, it is useful for the company to employ an individual who is proficient in online marketing. Besides hiring a single marketer for all the online tasks, the entrepreneur should employ professionals for specific roles. This will enhance a marketer’s capability and further, lessens the burden on one individual. Largely, entrepreneurs are employing this strategy and thus, hiring marketing professionals as per the job requirements.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 10 per cent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Advertising, promotions, and marketing campaigns will continue to be essential for organisations as they seek to maintain and expand their share of the market.”

  1. A Marketer Enables Sales

Other than promoting a company’s product, a marketer plays a vital role in increasing sales numbers too. Primarily, a marketing pro builds a nexus of consumers, garners data of potential customers with their requirements and maybe even the issues that they have faced in the past, and passes it on to someone in sales. All these essential data better equips the sales’ person to be able to crack the deal.

The collected data is very useful not only for the moment but even for later studies and comparisons as the right audience has been targeted in the process; and thus, achieving sales target becomes easy for sales’ people. According to the State of Inbound 2018 report, “ Only 28 per cent of salespeople said marketing was their best source of leads.”

The survey exhibits interdependence that goes between marketers and salespeople to attain the company’s goals.

3. A Good Marketer creates Foolproof Strategies

As new products and companies are emerging in the market, being competent is most important for an organisation. For that, a business should always remain connected to its customers and promote its products from time to time. A marketer also plays a vital role in building an impressive portfolio of the company and further, carries out marketing strategies for product promotion.

According to CoSchedule’s Marketing Management and Strategy Statistics 2019, “Marketers with a documented strategy are 313 per cent more likely to report success (R = 0.27, n = 2,055, p-value 0.0001).”  

The above-mentioned elements are important and thus, employed while recruiting the right fit for the marketing job.



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