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How to find the right mentor for your business?

A mentor is the key to success which you can find by searching on online networking portals.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 21,2017

Every entrepreneur starts their business with a perspective to expand it from time to time. No one is born to be an entrepreneur as everyone learns from the existing ways of doing business and proper knowledge. With time an entrepreneur to grows but still the need of a mentor cannot be replaced. A mentor is a guide that supports an entrepreneur both mentally and emotionally.

In India, the number of small businesses keeps on rising but they are not seeing the growth that they expected. The reason is lack of innovation and lack of change in the way of doing business. Now startups are emerging in the business ecosystem because they prefer guidance from experienced players, unlike small businesses.

Small businesses need to understand that besides friends, family and peers, a mentor are also essential for business growth. Mentors have actually experienced all the business challenges before so they know the way out which could help small business grow. They have made mistakes as an entrepreneur and know what is best for a business to do in all types of situations. So if you are searching for a mentor then make sure that you find the right one.

How to find the right mentor?

Understand your business needs

The first step is to understand your business requirements and your weak points. For example, some entrepreneurs may find it difficult to manage their financial work and some may find it difficult to manage their employees so everyone has different needs to work on. It is better to get a hold on to a mentor that can actually make a difference in your business growth, so it is preferred that you understand your business needs then start searching.

Search a platform

Once you know what kind of mentor you require then you should start searching for the platform where you can find various mentors so that you can find the right one. There are thousands of mentors ready to guide you but only a few are right so better make a right decision. The right platform to search mentors is online networking platform like BusinessEx.

Find mentors

You should now start finding mentors. Online networking platform like BusinessEx helps you to search the mentor who has experience in the similar business like yours so that you both have a better understanding. You can also register your business and mentors can also find you on this platform. Shortlist some mentors that you think are the best choice for your business then start connecting with them. Through these platforms, you can connect with mentors.

Question talent

Now is the time to question the shortlisted mentors. You must prepare some question that is in relevance to your business functioning. For instance, you could give some case study for which mentors will give you the solution and whichever suits the best option then select your mentor. It is important to question as everyone can show their experience but what actually matters is the understanding that they have.


A right business mentor is a ladder to success which only a few get the opportunity to climb. If you are scouting for the right mentor then online networking portals are the best solution. Find your business mentor by registering at BusienssEx.

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