How to find the right buyer?

If you are seeking the right buyer for your business then follow the instructions below.
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  • Dec 28,2017
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An entrepreneur can find a buyer for the business easily but the actual problem arises in getting the demanded price of it. A buyer could be an individual, partner, firm, any business entity, etc but the one who actually gets benefit from your business will quote the price which matches your demanded price.

Selling a business is not a child’s play as one must have put all its efforts to bring the business into existence so finding a right buyer is essential. To find the right buyer there are a few things that need to be done like how to attract a buyer, business valuation, knowing the intentions of the buyer, finding the right source to attract a buyer and closing the deal. Let’s see what general question arises while finding the right buyer.

Where to find the buyer?

The first and the foremost step are to find buyers. It was difficult to find buyers for a business but not now, there are platforms that are specially catering to this need like BusinessEX. If you are looking for a buyer then you should register on BusinessEx and you will find a varied number of buyers to connect with from which you can select the right one as per your need.  There are other ways as well like attending events, publishing in the newspaper and online advertisement but all these are time and cost consuming processes, unlike online networking portals.

How to find the business value?

Everyone has their own way of finding a business value which makes it difficult for an entrepreneur to finalise one price for the business. The best option is to make a mutual decision which both buyer and seller agree. In order to do that there is the only solution which is BusinessEx where you can value your business through its business valuation calculator. If a seller and buyer meet on a common platform then they will definitely use the same process to identify the value of the business.  

What will attract a buyer?

A buyer is attracted towards a business which suits the location, price, industry and the field of work.  Once the above requirements meet the buyer needs then a buyer looks for the USP of business, financial position, profitability, goodwill, business network, funds, assets, cost of operations, documentation, etc. If a buyer is an entrepreneur then he will how buying this business will add on to its existing business. So it is better that you maintain all the above-mentioned requirements in order to get the best price and the best buyer.

How to select the right buyer?

After attracting buyers you will get myriad options of interested buyers from which you will need to select the right buyer. After preparing a list of buyers you need to see which benefits the most from your business and seek the motive behind buying a business so that you can quote the price that you actually desire. After knowing the need of buyer and doing a background check then you should proceed to next stage of closing the deal. After deciding a final price of business with the consent of both the parties then you should close the deal.


Online networking platform like BusinessEx has made it quite simple to sell a business to the potential buyer. If you are planning to sell and finding the right buyer then make the right decision first which is registering on Business Exchange platform to get what you need.

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