How to find the right angel investor?

Finding the right investor is not a child's play, you need to be prepared and follow a procedure for the same. Here is the procedure that you need to follow:
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  • Dec 05,2017
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An angel investor is an individual investor who is interested in investing in startups and businesses. There are thousands of angel investors in India but to find them is the complex part. These investors don’t have their own firm that an entrepreneur can easily find out. So to find an angel investor can be a challenging task.

The most important thing to keep in mind before starting the process is that not all the angel investors are interested in multiple investments. So be prepared in advance to be rejected by the angel investor you thought would be the best choice for your business. Let’s come back to the main point as of how to find the right angel investor for your startup. Here are some tips that you could follow:

  1. Be clear about your business

    The first thing that an entrepreneur needs to do is to have a clear understanding of the business and its requirements. This is an essential step before finding the right angel investor because the search begins on these grounds. Not all investors are interested in investing education but might be interesting in healthcare and similarly, each investor has their own preference that cannot be changed easily. So before starting this process, be clear about what your business offers and about the industry it focuses on.

  1. Prepare a list

    There are so many angel investors in the market to prepare a list of these investors. But now you must be thinking where to find these investors? Well, there are a lot of investments and funding rounds take place every day which are even highlighted in media portals like BusinessEx. You can just go through the investments news publishing on daily basis and target your investors. Also, search engines are the best source to find the angel investors present in the economy.

  1. Cut-short the list

    Once you have prepared a list, it is time to come to next step which is cutting short the list of a number of angel investors. For this you need to focus on some essential elements like the investor background as well as experience, funding that the investor can make, whether any investments made in the similar market by the investor or not. These are the basics things that you should keep in mind while finding an investor. After cutting short the list you may have left with only 10-15 angel investors or more.

  1. Try to connect 

    After finalising the list connect with the investors. Start searching for them on search engines, go through their LinkedIn profile, social media is the hub where you can find anyone and once you found that investor tries to create your network.  

  1. Pitch your business

    While connecting with an investor pitch your business in a short way and try to get a personal meeting with the investor. Once you convinced the investor for a personal meeting then success is not far my friend. Now don’t be excited and just prepare a pitch that you need to make.


Well, you must have a clear view on how to find the right angel investor. You need to research, you need to prepare a list and go through all the trouble to find the right investor but wouldn’t it be the best to have all the investor at one place where you can find them easily. Even this problem is solved by the BusinessEx portal as you can just register at the platform and interested investors will directly approach you. So what are you waiting for register now to avail the Christmas special offers.

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