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How to find potential investors for business?

If you are an entrepreneur and searching for investors then the given below information will definitely help you.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Nov 17,2017

Finding investors is a difficult task because the competition keeps on rising and it is projected that only 5 per cent of the startups can find potential investors for their business. So even you are also finding investor then read the information given below:

For startups as well as a business the need for funding can only be removed with the help of investment. It is essential for entrepreneurs to find investors so that they could secure funding for their business. In order to find investors one has to go through a lot of work and research. But this process is now much easier than before because of Business Exchange platform.

Business Exchange is an online portal that helps startups and businesses to connect with potential investors which includes venture capital firms, angel investors and also helps to create a network with mentors, lenders, incubators, brokers that support businesses in all key areas. This platform has a database of 1 lakh+ investors exploring to invest in a business opportunity like yours.

Before finding investors, you must be prepared for a proper presentation and know how to pitch in form of investors. It is also mandatory that you know what type of investors exist in the business ecosystem.

Types of Investors to approach:

Angel Investors

These are the businessmen with enough wealth to invest in other business opportunities. These kinds of investors are quite active in funding process in all segments. But the case is that they search for the opportunities that present ROI rate.

Venture Capitalist

A firm like these helps startups and small businesses that are looking to expand in the market but dont have enough funds to do it by themselves but have high growth potential. These firms are easily approachable and you can search for them online.

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firm is composed of investors that are willing to directly invest in the business. These could be big companies or wealthy persons. You can find these kinds of firms online.

Ways to find Investors:

  1. Identify potential investors

    If you are thinking to approach an investor the first ant the foremost thing that you need to do is follow the funding trend and seek for the investors that are active in your business category. Then make a list of names of the potential investors and approach them separately. To find the contact information about the investors then you can search it online.

  1. Events/Conferences

    The second best way to find investors is to attend funding conferences and events take place on daily basis. This is the best place to do networking with investors and pitch your business. These events provide a space where you can find a number of investors and other business associates that will help you get investment.

  1. Accelerator programs

    Accelerator programs are the best source of funding as they provide a platform for entrepreneurs to get guidance from industry experts. Unlike incubators, they allow all the startups to explore investment opportunities. Accelerators sometimes offer seed investment right away in the demo day presentation in exchange to get a return on investment.

  1. Mentors

    Mentors are the best solution to all business problems. These are the people who had been in the same situation as you but they have surpassed the problem and are experienced in a particular category. They are the best source to get relevant information on how to raise investment.

  1. Business Capital brokers

    Business capital brokers have their own network of potential investors that they are willing to provide businesses in exchange for the fee. They can easily find a right potential investor for your business.


Every business aim for success and expansion but for that investment is essential and the above-stated points are the solution. But the most prominent way and all in one way solution to this are Business Exchange. This platform offers all the above-mentioned services in order to help a small business, startup to find potential investors. To use this platform services register now.

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