How to Cope With Stress At The Entrepreneur Level?

Learn about the common problems at the entrepreneurial level and ways to mitigate them.
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  • Oct 17,2018
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Owning a business and then, popularizing the self-created brand are big dreams of all budding entrepreneurs. A business idea does not come to one’s way easier and if it does, if its potential is huge, then it is best to imbibe it and work on it recklessly. Setting up an enterprise is a life turning moment for everyone as one need not have to work day and night in a mediocre wage to meet an organization’s target. Now, one can put the same amount of efforts and can earn great profits, which would a multitude of wage.       

Business- a New Realm

While stepping in the market and experiencing things from one’s own end is tremoring as new terms like finance, investors and customer rapport come in front. Many entrepreneurs don’t have any idea how to handle finance or manage customer relationships for a long time; these tasks are basically done by accountants and client management team. Thus, an entrepreneur has to employ all kinds of skilled individuals who directly or indirectly shore up the enterprise. Even, after assigning jobs to the employees it becomes consequential to keep a check and ask for monthly work reports.

Dedicating so much of oneself into the work takes away the freedom to engage in other things. A continuous work pressure and no rest can make an entrepreneur sick mentally and physically.

Struggles Faced in the Entrepreneurial Journey

A break from work is important or else, work would be a mundane lull that would not amuse one for long. Further, constant strain on the mind will produce stress, despondency and frustration in an individual. These elements can severely damage an entrepreneur and even, the enterprise that would be created through sheer hard work.

Thus, it is important to tackle these problems initially so as to experience seamless entrepreneurial journey. The common struggles that are primarily experienced by every entrepreneur today are:

  1.    Stress      

In the initial phase of the business, stress becomes an ordinary element of daily life as the entrepreneur has to grow business, increment clientele and disburse salaries on a timely basis. To accomplish these goals, entrepreneurs along with the workforce labour day in and day out.

Office hours, thus, become hours of extreme work. Even, according to Randstad Workmonitor survey, “Contrary to what is generally thought, the traditional way of working, i.e., at the office during opening hours, still rules. Globally, 68% agree with this sentiment, with India (85%) at the highest end and The Netherlands (47%) at the lowest end.”

So, it can be derived that the office hours can be a source of stress for many individuals. If the entrepreneur lessens stress by implying the right methodology and limiting financial expenses then many small emerging problems can be resolved at the initial level.      

  1.    Solitude

Administering the business takes away most of the crucial time of an entrepreneur. Other than work, there are also things which are important in an individual’s life that is, personal connections. These connections can be friends, family members and other loved ones. Keeping a constant touch with them is essential to strengthen relationships.

Regardless of good or bad time, these connections don’t leave one’s side and help in the hour of need. Thus, it is recommended nurturing these relationships and devoting equal time to loved ones as well.

  1.    Overtax Oneself

What should be today’s work schedule? How many hours should I work?—these questions become self-verdict when one runs an enterprise. Rigorous hours of working can eventually bring out positive outcomes but it takes one’s mental peace. Furthermore, it reduces one’s capability as the adverse amount of work is continually performed by the body.  

To avert this, an entrepreneur should take short breaks and subsequently, ask himself if he is carrying work in the right direction or are there gaps in between. Effective management can help shorten the work labour.

Follow these tips to defeat challenges in the entrepreneurial world.  


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