How to Connect Employees to the Work

For developing a connection, an employer needs to convey the ‘human consequences’ of a work to the employee.
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Being a solo entrepreneur, looking after accounting, marketing, sales and other important segments can be difficult. To manage things perfectly is where employees and professionals come into play and become the helping hands of the entrepreneur. As employees work for the organisation, it is anticipated that they devote their 100 per cent physical and mental efforts in building the company. However, it is not always the case; in reality, an alternate picture can appear at times. 

According to the database company, Statista, “The global engagement score of the employees is 65 per cent in 2017. The score has risen by 2 per cent since 2016.” 

The remaining score of 35 per cent shows that employees across the globe are not fully engaged in their organisation. There can be several reasons for employee non-engagement. 

Building a Connection with Employees 

Employees, who don’t show interest in their work, ultimately affect the overall productivity of the company. To motivate such employees, it is important to incentivise them as well as build their connection with the work.

For developing a connection, an employer needs to convey the ‘human consequences’ of a work to the employee. Realising one’s moral duty towards the work can help change an employee’s perspective. He can create an earnest attitude towards his role if he understands how his work is facilitating others.   

In the article “Great Storytelling Connects Employees to Their Work”, Joseph Grenny says, “ The first responsibility of leaders — whether front line supervisors, middle managers, or executives — is to compensate for the inevitable alienation that complex organisations create, and provide employees with a visceral connection to the human purpose they serve.” 

According to Gallup Data, “When employees are explicitly encouraged to use their talent in pursuit of a goal, individual engagement improves (from 9 per cent to 15 per cent) as does team performance and the company's business metrics as well.” 

There are numerous ways as to how entrepreneurs can increase an employee’s engagement at work. 

Ways to Make Employees Fully Involved in the Company 

In essence, transparency and having a say are two attributes that enable employees to partake in the company. Apart from these roles, there are various other ways to divert employees 100 per cent attention on the work. 


1.Listen to Their Problems 


To remove a toxic environment from the organisation, it is important for employers to pay heed to employees’ problems. Twenty to thirty minutes of meeting in a week can be sufficient to address the problems of the employees. Furthermore, it will increase the employee satisfaction rate, which in turn decreases the employee turnover rate. 

  1. Develop Employees’ Trust on their  Leader 

For meeting organisational targets, employees need to work in teams; interdependency becomes a major driver in such a scenario. Before initiating work, team leaders need to build trust amongst the cohort so that they follow his advice relentlessly. 

  1. Connect on a Personal Level 

 Besides business meetings, having random conversations with the employees is another preferential way to build connections. In this way, entrepreneurs can ascertain loopholes in the managerial system and further, fill them aptly. 

  1. Support Employees’ Dreams 

Apart from disbursing salary to an employee, there are some other ways to build employees’ reliance on the company--supporting their dreams. These dreams can be anything such as education, procuring a home, and accelerating one’s career.  

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