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How to Catch Potential Customers’ Attention on Social Media

Today, business companies have changed their marketing strategies and forayed in the virtual world
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
May 22,2019

Today, social media has become an important niche to confer about issues, enliven oneself and grab social information. Owing to the growing engagement of masses on social media, the count of netizens is increasing steadily, thus, making social media platform a source for online marketing.

With the advent of the internet, there is a big shift viewed amongst people as they begin drifting away from the manual labour of writing letters, turning pages of books and approaching customers directly and have started adopting quick online methods. This transition has majorly hit the market and led the closure of various important things such as Telegram service (was offered by Indian postal service), a decline in the count of ATMs and so on. According to the London-based consulting firm, RBR, the count of ATMs across the world has decreased for the first time in last year (2018) as banks shut their ATM branches and redirect funds towards digital payments, as reported by the Indian daily news, Bloomberg India.

Similarly, marketing skills have also affected after the intrusion of the internet. Now, people have inclined towards social media and spend endlessly on the mobile screen, as well as desktop, corresponding to different online users and engaging in various activities on social networking platforms. As social media has become an important strand in peoples lives, the impact of these platforms is immense.

Beginning of Online Marketing Skills

Since people spend more time on social media, they have become more affected as to what product or information is being talked about. Considering this thing, business companies have changed their marketing strategies and forayed in the virtual world.

In order to target customers, business companies have started focusing on online marketing strategies. By considering this problem, a novel marketing strategy has initiated in the marketdigital marketing. This new strategy has introduced new methods to aim potential customers via tools such as SMO, SEO, content marketing, PPC and so on.

This new marketing strategy, in turn, has given rise to new occupations and generated positive outcomes for the business enterprises. As a result, companies are more focusing on building their online presence rather than an offline footprint. The online social platforms connect a vast majority of people from different geographical regions and help companies to gain attention. However, most of the companies are today building their online reputation, boasting of its customer-centric approach and thus, creating cut-throat competition in the virtual market as well.

This competition suppresses small enterprises from emerging and making their own mark. To resolve this problem, small companies should focus on the underpinnings of the digital marketing and employ it rigorously.

Content Quality and Business Integrity are a Must

There are a large number of companies who regularly post content on social media platforms; the information is mainly circulated to attract potential customers. However, if the information is not credible then the prospective customers will move elsewhere to find authentic, useful information. So, while conversing with general masses, it is essential for entrepreneurs to share the right piece of information.

Furthermore, the companies should maintain their integrity and showcase themselves as a reliable source for information. This can be done by exhibiting their work culture and sharing their customers testimonials etc.

The companies should follow this practice so as to tempt potential customers on social media platforms.

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