How Online Networking Platform helps a Startup Grow?

For a startup to grow it is essential to build a network and online networking platform is the answer to it.
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  • Dec 15,2017
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The online space is emerging in all sectors and has become a need, a way to grow, a way to learn, a way to connect, etc for everyone. Startups are the most benefit from the online space as they have the chance to create their own network through online business networking space like BusinessEx.

Having a network helps a business outperform its expectations. The online networking space has certainly widened the area of business operations as well. An entrepreneur who just started a business needs proper connections and resources to build it into a successful business. There are a lot of ways that a startup can build its network but this is the fastest and the easiest way to do it. Let’s have a look how these networking platforms help a startup.


A startup always seeks an investment opportunity which is hard t get in this competitive environment. The problem that startup is not able to get investment is that they don’t have a network that they can rely on but after some time, till they create their own network to attract investors. But despite waiting years to build network a startup can always go to an online networking platform like BusinessEx where they can find investors who are also seeking an investment opportunity.


In most cases in India, a startup plans to shut down because they don’t have a proper network to get funding from or getting business but that doesn’t mean that their idea is just a waste. Shutting down is not a good option as there are buyers who will buy your business and you will get a good price for it in exchange. In some cases it happens that an entrepreneur has an idea but not have members to start with then you don’t have to worry as you can buy an established business similar to your idea and do it in your own way with proper resources. So to find buyers/sellers for business an online networking portal like BusinessEx is the best option.


A mentor is a guide and a support that startups lack, which is the biggest reason for their failure. A person who just began the journey of being an entrepreneur will not be able to perform well until and unless there is guidance from someone experienced. Online networking platforms like BusinessEx helps a startup to connect with mentors experienced in that segment for your growth.


A startup without a network is always behind the competitor and will stay there until a proper network for a startup is created and solution to this problem is incubators. An incubator is a person that will help your startup in providing essential resources as well as co-working space and helps in networking with relevant business professionals. An incubator helps a startup to rise. But to connect with incubator then online networking portals are the best solution.


There are cases when a startup is unable to get loans from banks and other financial institutions then there is no need to worry as a networking marketplace like BusinessEx helps you to network with lenders that will provide loans for your startup.


If you want to buy or sell your startup then you can contact business brokers as they will charge you commission but also get you a good deal. But online networking marketplace like BusinessEx helps you get in touch with best buyers/sellers available as well as the charge very low cost for it. Register to know.

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