How Medical Practitioners Should Treat The Patients

Today, drugs and medicines are not sufficed to treat the patients. The patients require something more effective and workable than prescribed medicines.
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Illness is primarily sickness which inflicts the body and mind. Common aftermaths of the illness are poor health, a dearth of financial sources and increased reliance on others. For medical practitioners, the major source of the illness is poor immunity and other external infections. Owing to which, the practitioner recommends consuming medicines and using other medical products to cure the illness. However, there is another imperative factor that begets acute illness that is, emotional sickness.

When an individual is mentally upset or depressed, the emotional quotient initiates effecting mind and body. Consequently, the body turns out as a hub of ailments and instead of alleviating tension, the anatomy begets the infliction relentlessly. Even, physicians consider medicines and drugs are sufficed to treat physical ailments. If physicians turn their approach the other way round and focus on apprehending patients’ psychology, then many ailments can be cured without using medicines.

Patch Adams said, “We need to start treating the patient as well as the disease.” The quote indeed expresses methodology that the physicians should follow nowadays.

Current Scenario Of The Indian Healthcare Sector

The Indian healthcare sector is expanding and meanwhile, facing challenges in purveying basic healthcare facilities to the demographic. Presently, the healthcare sector is estimated to reach up to $280 billion by the year 2020. Despite the growth, there are boundless challenges in the course. Mortality rate and malnutrition are still major health problems that the healthcare industry is dealing with. These problems mainly arise because of inefficient health sources and unskilled healthcare professionals. Lancet Journal states that the country (India) does not have a widening national policy pertaining to the healthcare industry. The ascendancy of the medical lobbies namely, Medical Council of India has obstructed task sharing and as a result, affected the growth of the nurses and other healthcare professionals in the nation.

These problems can be countered if effective steps are undertaken and further, medical professionals invest more time in polishing their skills.

Best Ways To Treat The Patients

Long-term, obscure illness does not torment the patients more than the outcomes or key roots for the emergence of the illness. Job security, unhappy relationships and a dearth of financial stability are reasons that deeply impacts as well as deteriorates a patient’s life. For such patients, recovery and treatment are not sole ways to improve their health; such kinds require emotional support as well and thus, physicians should give them particular attention.

If the physicians turn averse to emotionally and mentally ailed patients, then the patients will go elsewhere or else, the particular medical case worsens. In order to become a good physician, the physician needs to be empathetic to patients’ needs.

  1.    Understand The Problems Of The Patients

Sometimes, a few treatments cannot be given in the pill form; the physician has to purvey these medical treatments in the intangible form such as warmth, love, empathy and reverence. Patients, who are emotionally challenged, face a lot struggle in their daily lives.  Routing their life to the normal course becomes a rattling job for the physicians. Along with medicines, such patients should be given moral support and good pieces of advice to lead the life in a cheerful manner again. This kind of nature makes them over with the physician and in turn, the patients confer their problems openly.

  1.    A Push Or Word Of Encouragement    

Emotionally disturbed patients require something beyond medicines to cure themselves. A push to do something distinct and exciting or some encouraging words can change their life altogether. So, the physician should study patients’ psychology and accordingly, suggest suitable measures to normalize their mind.

The physicians should adopt the aforementioned tips so as to alleviate diseases of emotionally perturbed patients.     

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