How HR can transform remote working into a High Performance Model

The crisis is forcing almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures
  • BY Dr. Chikkala Venugopal Rao

    CEO, Verch Consulting

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  • Jul 06,2020
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Human Resources is at the frontline of employers’ response to the COVID-19 crisis.The crisis is forcing almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures.

As HR pros struggle to keep employees safe and informed, they should identify the levers of that need to be re-engineered to  ensure a sustainable business performance during similar times of crisis. Having done that, HR should also develop the strategic and operational enabling systems to implement the changes in a seamless manner, HR shall have to deal with the following four Key Perspectives, once normalcy is restored.

 1.  Remote working models to gain greater acceptance

HR needs to focus on defining and designing an objective performance charter for those operating on a remote model to enhance the impact of performance. This will enable the remote working model as  an assured, impacting and adequately validated one. This shall offer greater acceptance to the opt for not only during times of crisis but also during normal business environment.

What with most employers having already invested in, the infrastructure required for technology and communication?

But HR needs to  start now, collaborating closely with Finance, IT and other departments to develop and implement new rules for effective operation of the remote working models. 

  • Talent acquisition and development, discipline, benefits and compensation are certain key challenges to manage
  • HR's role in monitoring and boosting employee morale shall be another critical
  • HR needs to review such of those critical roles that normally cannot be operated on a remote
2. Nurturing Culture gets more challenging in dispersed workplaces
In the words of Peter Drucker, culture eats strategy for breakfast. At the same time culture could also act like tailwinds for superior performance or change.

However, in a remotely operating structure engineering an enabling culture would be quite challenging. Hence, HR needs to understand the key  variables for implementation in order to create synergy even at remote and dispersed work locations towards developing a remote high-performance culture.

It sets the organization’s identity, helps form its mission and gives employees at all levels a sense of identity and purpose in their work. But culture is also vulnerable in times of crisis when decisions are being  taken on the fly and financial survival takes priority over almost everything else.

Unfortunately, culture is also impossible to automate — there is no technology solution that can preserve and enhance organizational culture. culture is even more important now and can bring sustainability

 1.     Talent acquisition and retention remains critical

With the dire economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic becoming clearer by the day, organizations are right sizing and optimizing their work forces. However, an alert to ramp up by your CEO could be round the corner. Hence, you would be expected to deliver augmented work force at short notice. Hence, it would be a good idea to  keep your talent pipeline full and maintain contact with prospective rehires and new hires.

 2.     Engaging a remote workforce

Keeping employees engaged, enthused and productive is one of HR's most valuable roles and, often, one of your team's superpowers.

Employees who feel that their physical and emotional wellbeing is a  real priority  for the organizations are more engaged.You can show employees at home that you are committed to their wellbeing by adjusting benefits.

HR leaders need to adopt strategic approaches to effectively manage the four perspectives to transform the low credibility remote operating model into an effective, impacting, acceptable and as a viable alternative performance model.

 The article is authored by Dr. ChikkalaVenugopal Rao, CEO VerchConsulting

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