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How Furniture Maker Can Choose The Best Material For Business

To receive enormous customer orders, the furniture maker needs to demonstrate his expertise and secondly, need to be conversant with the latest décor as well as furniture designs.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jan 05,2019

Arranging the furniture is a tricky task which requires abundance knowledge of interior and colours. While setting up a furniture store, a furniture maker is expected to possess and exhibit distinct kind of furniture varieties. In order to receive good business proposals, the furniture maker needs to showcase beautiful furniture designs in all art forms, from classic to contemporary. The exhibition of the furniture and furnishings propagate the furniture makers skill and expertise. Further, it is a major component to build goodwill of the brand.

While choosing the furniture in accord with a backdrop, many people, including proficient furniture maker, faces a dilemma. Deciding out apt dcor options is altogether an intimidating task. Despite freedom to curate any dcor idea, the furniture maker needs to ensure that the particular dcor style meets the taste of diverged demographic.

Indian Furniture Market- A Rapidly Transforming Market

The domestic furniture market is evolving with the time, acknowledging changes and competing to comply with industry standards. IBEFs survey states, The Indian furniture industry is gradually transforming into a more organised and competitive sector. The entry of global brands in the sector, the emergence of large retail players and the resultant consolidation, are trends that highlight this transformation. The furniture sector in India makes a marginal contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), representing about 0.5 per cent of the total GDP.

As with the global market, home furniture is the largest segment in the Indian furniture market, accounting for about 65 per cent of furniture sales. This is followed by, the office furniture segment with a 20 per cent share and the contract segment, accounting for the remaining 15 per cent.

The report suggests that there is a massive growth in the home furniture segment and entrepreneurs should initiate business in the same field so as to prosper in the sector.

Tips To Select The Best Material For The Business

Creating an ideal match between furniture and backdrop is important for a pleasing outlook of the store. For new furniture makers, it would be probably difficult to curate and align things in the apt order, considering shade and tone of the walls. To perform the task effectively, here are the tips.

  1. Choose Solid, Dark Colours

Solid shades in the furniture can easily team with any kind of backdrop. Regardless of caring about the setting, the furniture maker can place the furniture anywhere if the furniture is in a dark tone. Once the dark tone furniture is placed, the furniture maker need not have to accessorize the furniture anymore. The furniture, itself, draws everyones attention in the furniture store and thus, creates a perception in the customers that the furniture maker is versed with contemporary dcor styles.

  1. Amalgamate Dcor Patterns

If the furniture maker possesses a little knowledge of dcor patterns, then he can imply that pattern in the furniture store. Primarily, patterned chairs and other furniture are well-liked by the masses and further, the patterned furniture can be placed anywhere in the furniture store without searching the right place for it.

Another dcor idea that the furniture maker should diligently follow is not procuring the trendy furniture. Furniture trends come and fade quickly, thus, placing the expensive furniture in the store will be a fatuous idea.

  1. Quality Matters The Most

Displaying highly branded furniture raise the standard while exhibiting quality products helps make customers in the wide furniture market. So, the furniture maker should emphasis on creating and displaying good quality products which have a reasonable price and long durability.

The furniture maker should follow the above-mentioned suggestions to initiate or renovate the business.

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