How Email Marketing Can Boost Startup Companies

If a startup owner resorts to email marketing at an early stage, then there is a likelihood that the business would flourish and a wide customer base would be built
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Surviving the initial seven to ten years testifies a startup’s potential. In this crucial period, startups follow a twofold approach, that is, search for investors and at the same time, keep their profits high.

For achieving these objectives, most startups employ various business tactics, strategies and also carry campaigns offline as well as online. Besides these business tactics, there is another modified way of boosting revenue and building connections—email marketing.

Email marketing has always been a subset of the online marketing strategy but its significance is not realised by marketers to a great extent. Essentially, it is a marketing tool which requires a little to nothing in terms of investment and in return gives tremendous results—generates leads, connects with investors and improves user experience.

If a startup owner uses email marketing in an early stage, then there is a likelihood that the business would flourish and a wide customer base would be built. To infuse this plan into the business, the entrepreneur needs to recruit digital marketers and learn the nitty-gritties of email marketing so as to take better decisions.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

For initiating an email marketing plan, first of all, a company requires an email service provider. ESP primarily acts as a means to reach a large number of consumers and deliver the company’s products as well as other services. While deciding on the email marketing strategy, it is of prime importance to assess different ESPs and consecutively pick out the one that is most appropriate for one’s business. A company should pick out services that various ESPs offer in accord to their email marketing design and then, purchase an ESP. The abundant services that ESPs offer today are: 

  1. Free Plan

In order to understand the company’s requirements, an entrepreneur should test ESPs that are accessible at no cost for at least a limited period. Otherwise, a company can opt for free trails.  By using different ESPs, it becomes easy to ascertain what kind of email marketing strategy a company actually wants.

  1. The Count of Subscribers

Subscribers are the individuals who are targeted via email marketing plan. So, before designing an email marketing strategy, the company should ascertain the number of subscribers it wants. Further, it should know whether the email marketing plan would be targeted on a wide audience or a small segment.

By gauging subscribers, the company can hence decide which ESP is the right fit for their plan.

  1. Design of Templates

Since email marketing is done by delivering content under a specific template, thus, the template is one of the significant things to focus on. Usually, ESPs have abundant ready-made templates, so a company can choose a template from the lot or else, create one’s own template if a particular ESP permits to do so.

Apart from the aforementioned elements, there are a few other things that should be taken into consideration while purchasing an ESP. The entrepreneur will know those strands when he begins comparing ESPs.

Form an Email Marketing Plan

Once an ESP is selected, the next step involves forming an email marketing plan. In essence, planning an email marketing strategy is easy as one has to create a writing format only. However, it is noteworthy to form a well-planned format and execute it rigorously.


Once the company creates an email marketing plan, template and writing format, then it has to begin targeting its audience. Basically, it is vital to understand the audience and  categorise it in different groups such as customers, prospective customers, investors and prospective investors.

After categorizing the audience in small groups, different email marketing campaigns should be rolled out.

Startup companies should adhere to the above-mentioned methods to create successful email marketing campaigns.  


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