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How efficient logistics can boost business productivity?

Efficient logistics is the key to the growth of business productivity. The technological development is playing an important role in this industry. Let's see from an expert view:
BY Roopa Venkat
Co-founder, Mera Transport
Nov 10,2017

Logistics Technology to Boost Business Productivity

The world of commerce has drastically changed over the recent years, to the extent where there is a new approach to everything. Today, business has transformed from the legacy practice of a consumer reaching out for a product to the product reaching out to the consumer wherever she/he wants it to be. Welcome to the tech era where e-commerce is the buzzword and the soul of the retail to e-tail revolution. Well, it's clear that technology is the driving force behind this transformation, however, leaving us with a million-dollar question.

What technology?

Digging deep into the Pandoras Box, logistics and its supply chain applications appear to be the best catch as the answer or even the only one. It is this technology which is moving the world from where it is, leaving many non-adapters behind. A product developed in the US or the UK is not for the American or the British markets alone and can reach the doorstep of an Indian consumer at the click of a button. Logistics brought in this possibility of shrinking the world to a place so small that it's just the size of your mobile phone or the laptop.

Here's the catch

It means that any logistics company which excels in delivering products to the right customers at the right time is likely to taste success. India has seen many, though it bore the blame of having a highly fragmented and unorganized logistics sector for quite a long time. Well, the tides have changed their direction. Indian logistics industry has rapidly improved over the years to a world-class level maintaining top-class technology. Multiple providers offer end-to-end logistics solution, designed to shoot-up productivity and profit.

The technology list is long. Logistics is big

The fast-moving world today will be much faster tomorrow, which calls for efficient logistics technology, capable of winning all the intercity and last-mile challenges. It's a tug-of-war game played between the e-tailers and the logistics enterprises alike, where logistics is the arm and onliners the brain. The Logistics arm is expected to touch the $307.7 Billion by 2020 which will again continue to grow 10-15 per cent in the following years. In a market sector that large, a suite of most-modern technology needs to be embedded to flourish. IoT, GPS systems, monitoring techniques, digital documentation, real-time alerts, and surveillance technology for safety and monitoring are being embraced to make logistics as simple as possible. These are geared to reduce the time for order generation, loading, unloading, distribution and on-road transit optimization meanwhile improving driver safety and successful trip completions. The prime focus also includes delivering backend operations with the push of a button or by a tap on the phone.

It's even better,

Innovative tracking and tracing techniques powered by contemporary GPS devices enable logistics enterprises to monitor their vehicles better. It helps them with a mobile-based, device-less track-n-trace environment that drives performance and efficiency. Additionally, it also empowers them to keep a check on speeding and halting violations, adverse driver behaviours and loss induced driving patterns. Fuel analytics is yet another feat in the logistics technology space, levered to improve fuel efficiency and reduce theft, fraud, and wastage of budgets.

But wait, there's more!

To further accelerate the logistics space, enterprises are increasingly investing in technologies that enhance warehouse management, faster and safer material handling, guaranteed packaging and on-demand delivery practices. India is among the strongest few leveraging on these logistics parameters. The new-age techniques, along with this vector, also include gaining unmatched visibility into backend operations and improved transparency into the overall supply chain processes. The whole environment is additionally supported by information technology like never before. Transparency and better IT integration can make supply chain system more predictable to help logistics enterprises with better transport. Better transportation is always a key to any manufacturer looking to boost business productivity.

That's not all,

GST implementation has come with benefits that we never expected. Before GST came in, logistics companies had to maintain multiple warehouses across the country, pushing them to make it small as they needed more. However, today, they need to have only a few in which they can include world-class facilities that enable a hub-and-spoke distribution model. This model is proven to be a best logistics practice capable of increasing the service geography of any logistic enterprise. GST implementation has also helped trucks to deliver faster as they don't have to deal with halting time losses.

The bottom-line

As we live in a world that is driven by technology, Logistics is no exception. It's the era witnessing e-commerce and e-tailers gaining momentum over primitive practices. Logistics is the backbone of all of it. Thus an efficient logistics system emerges as the one-shot-solution to boost business productivity. Welcome to the tech-driven world where the early bird stands to gain the most.

Thats the reason that Logistics is the space to watch out for. The competitive world of logistics is only getting better with the technological advancements and growing efficiency that can run faster than any of the vehicles in it. Efficient logistics is now the key term to boost productivity.

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