How cloud computing can help your business?

Cloud Computing has transformed the business world. It has opened doors for many small businesses to grow but how? Read to know more about cloud computing.
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In the year 2015, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) a United Nations body, predicted that nearly half of the population will be using the internet at the end of the year. In the year 2017, 3.77 billion people became the users of the internet. It has  been 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee made the 'World Wide Web' and now it has become an essential part of our life. It has been growing rapidly and has transformed the business world. One of the major changes is cloud computing. It has taken the business world by storm. But do you know about cloud computing? 

Cloud Computing? 

In simple terms, cloud computing is storing and accessing data on the internet rather than your own hard drive. It is a way for people and companies to access digital resources (files, music, photos, and software) over the internet. To understand it better take the example of Facebook, where all our data are stored. You can access it because  servers are working behind the scenes and deliver information.

 Types of cloud in terms of different access and security:

Before you start using the cloud for your business, figure out which type is suitable for you.

Private cloud: This service will be only for one customer or organization. There is no sharing with other customers. The price is higher but it will provide you security. 

Community cloud: In this type, many organisation share access to a private cloud. 

Public cloud: They are one of the most recognized forms of this technology. According to Business News Daily, It allows a consumer to use a virtual environment through a series of shared servers that are openly accessible over a public network.

Hybrid cloud: As the name suggests, it combines the public as well as the benefits of private cloud.  

Types of cloud computing services: 

Saas (Software as a service): It' a public cloud computing and it provides access to applications via your internet browser. It includes software updates and settings. Gmail and SalesForce are some of the examples of Saas. 

Iaas (Infrastructure as a service): This cloud computing service provides databases, virtual private networks, data analytics tools, application monitoring, developer tools, and more. Some of the examples of Iaas are, Microsoft, Google and Amazon,.

Paas (Platform as a service): It is the link between Saas and Iaas. It provides implementation, hosting, test and application development. Some popular Paas examples are Google App Engine, Microsoft, SalesForce and

How can cloud computing help your small business?

Many businesses have already been using the cloud to store and share data as well as to access the software. But if your business is not yet using cloud then you consider this. Here are four reasons which will help your business to grow. 

  1. Security: Data breaching and hacking have become a part of every industry. You must be careful about the hackers and the viruses. Using cloud services can offer you a great level of security. You can access it no matter what happens to your system and secure the  data from going into wrong hands. 
  2. Flexibility: It allows you to be more flexible by providing access anytime, anywhere on anything. You can also connect to your virtual office by using cloud computing.
  3. Cost efficiency: As we know, money is the fuel of any business whether small or large. You need money for each and every decision you will take. But cloud-based services will not be an add-on. It will help you save money on various aspects of server maintenance, software licensing and upgrades etc. It will reduce your IT cost. 
  4. Automatic software updates: One of the advantages of having cloud computing is that the servers are off-premises. So the suppliers will look after software updates, security updates and you don't have to worry about the maintenance or wasting your time thinking about the IT problems. You can focus on expanding your business. 

Cloud computing is like a revolution in the business world. And I think the above reasons are enough for you to move towards cloud computing. This will help your business to grow and offers you many benefits from securing data to setting up a virtual office. 



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