How Businesses Can Run Effectively while Working From Home?

When opting work from home for all employees, there are a vast set of problems that an entrepreneur has to deal with
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  • Mar 27,2020
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Due to widespread COVID-19, the industries in India have together taken a cautious measure. The epidemic has ruled out the possibility of containment and thus, corporations, including SMES, and giant MNCs have decided to go remote completely for indefinite time until lockdown is lifted. In this hour, companies have to resort to digitalisation and operate digitally, synchronising their activities, outcome, and services like their mundane, physical offices. 

When opting work from home for all employees, there are a vast set of problems that an entrepreneur has to deal with such as overseeing employees’ work report, offering products and services, communicating with clients and so on. To lessen these troubles, here are a set of ideas that companies can implement in their practise:


  • Make Online Conference Calls with Employees


Large companies, which are operating a bulk of employees at one time, need to establish a regular connection with their employees. Regular conversation with teams helps direct them better and at the same time, achieve goals despite working from remote places. There are various applications available on the internet that enable reaching two to four people at a time. Google Duo, WhatsApp, and Skype are some of them.


  • Employ People on Contract Basis


In wake of the epidemic, regardless of physical offices being closed, the business operations keep going, in turn, surfacing needs for technical staff. To make efficient and effective choices, entrepreneurs need to hire professionals for a short-term, especially on contract basis. At present, there are some online portals where employers can hire learned tech professionals such as,, Upwork and BuildPan. 

On these websites, entrepreneurs can find a chunk of certified Java developers, UI and UX designers, and graphic designers. 

  • Examine Revenue of the Company 

During this period, it is vital to become lenient with various policies pertaining to employees. However, goals and targets should not be changed as the present time becomes crucial to analyse performance of the employees. 


  • Monitoring Growth of the Company 


Decrease in economic activity has directly affected many companies in the business ecosystem. In these challenging times, the companies can test their mettle and see how the workforce copes up with stress. Examining weekly performance and contrasting them with assigned goals help find pitfalls. Entrepreneurs can utilise this data and create brainstorming sessions with teams. Further, they can create different plans meeting requirements of sales, and marketing teams.


  • Support the Business by Connecting with New Clients


Businesses essentially flourish by adding more and more loyal customers in their network. A similar strategy, they should implement now as well and develop rapport with clients. The companies need to be in constant touch with clientele and inform them about the latest developments in their offering. Besides this, they can give internal reports to stakeholders, investors and other personnel also. This will help make sound decisions regarding working policy, business model, products and services.  


  • Raise Funds, Connect with Investors 


In these hard times, companies are at odds of becoming cash strapped and in turn, look for investors. The investors, who also happen to be seasoned industrialists, give two-fold benefits by infusing in a company. Firstly, they give monetary aid to the companies and secondly, they direct companies’ boat in this storm and help reach them ashore. 

Finding such investors has become easy now with the help of SME-focused business portal, BusinessEx. The platform gives a wide variety of choices to the customers from business buyers to business sellers to investors and mentors. By registering a profile on this business, you can instantly connect with a large number of investors. 

The above-cited tips can help corporations carry out their businesses effectively and mitigate bad effects of the epidemic. 

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