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How business mentor makes a difference?

Business mentors are the solution to all the problems that entrepreneur face while running a business. If you want to know why then read the information give below:
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Apr 02,2018

Mentorship is the way to grow a small business into a successful one. The reason for that is the guidance and experience of mentors. If you research then you will find that most of the businessmen had quoted their success to the mentors. After accomplishing something in business, then entrepreneurs get start believing that the way they do things is the right way to do business. This is the most common issue that entrepreneurs are facing in India.

An entrepreneur never stops learning and mentorship is the best way to know how to do business. Mentors have a positive impact on business functioning because they develop an entrepreneur mindset and also help in boosting the business productivity. The points mentioned below will help you recognize why mentorship matters.

Constant Support

Running a successful business is a difficult task as everything depends on how good is entrepreneurs decision making. Entrepreneurs generally get into an illusion that every decision they make is benefitting the business so they know everything. But the actuality is that at some point the entrepreneur will fail because they do not understand the business the way mentors do. Mentors had experienced the success as well as the failure so they know better than an entrepreneur who just started. These mentors are the constant support that entrepreneur needs to find the success they want.

Self Awareness

For entrepreneurs, it takes years to realise where they are wrong and what could be the better option. The reason is that they learn from their failures. The remedy to this is mentorship, a mentor is someone who helps an entrepreneur realise what they lack and how they can improve. Entrepreneurs generally repeat mistakes at the beginning so if there is someone who could tell you that this is what you should not do then wouldnt be it great. This is exactly what mentors do.

Stay on Track

Entrepreneurs generally wander off from their main objective and start looking for different opportunities but mentors always guide them to stay focused on their goals. A mentor guides an entrepreneur to walk on the right path and help them stay motivated as there are a lot of obstacles that are there in the business lifecycle.

New Opportunities

A mentor is an experienced professional who knows the industry inside out and knows whats best for the business future. If there are new opportunities opened up, then mentors let entrepreneurs know. Mentors prepare entrepreneurs for their next move and how they should execute. In short, the mentors are the only professionals who help entrepreneurs grow without any selfish motive.

Building Relations

In the beginning phase of a business, an entrepreneur generally finds it difficult in creating contacts and fails because of lack of networking. But a mentor is an experienced player in the industry so they have a lot of networks which he/she introduce with the entrepreneur for business growth. Mentors always try to expand your business relation with important professionals in the industry for the bright future of the business.


A mentor can surely make a difference as you can see from the mentioned points that mentor plays a crucial part in business success. But entrepreneurs are now facing the problem of finding the right business mentor which is solved by BusinessEx. This platform is the right solution to find the right business mentor so register now.

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