How AI Chatbots Can Generate Leads for Small Businesses?

Chatbots is a relatively new piece of technology that is making lives easier for business owners
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Today, in this modern world, chatbots is a term that is being widely used all around. This is a crucial part of another famous technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI is used by both large and small scale businesses to automate their processes and functionality. Most businesses have to struggle to find leads and at the same time, save money as well. This is exactly where AI chatbots come into play.

The use of chatbots enables marketers from all around the world to engage and connect with their prospects, that too in an automated way.

According to Adobe, 28 per cent of the most popular and top-performing companies, make use of the AI for the marketing of their business and products. This, in turn, means that sales and customer satisfaction are sections in which business owners will identify the impact of chatbots. 

A generation of steady flow of high-quality leads is immensely crucial, especially for small businesses. Accomplishing this involves business owners to evolve themselves based on the advancements in technology.

For instance, if a customer is planning to buy a product, he will not just invest money on the product because it is available at your online store. He will do their thorough research before spending money on any of your products. Leads, which are prospective, generally require a ton of details before choosing to share their personal information.

There may be times when a customer is looking for a piece of information on your website. It is your responsibility in a situation like this, to solve his problem and answer query instantaneously. This is the part, where chatbots prove to be extremely advantageous.

Chatbots is a relatively new piece of technology that is making lives easier for business owners. This can be proven with the statistics, which say companies all around the world have experienced a massive rise in the conversion rate, after introducing their websites to chatbots.

According to, “Chatbots are AI technology programmed to conduct a conversation with potential customers via auditory or textual methods.”

After the detailed introduction about chatbots, it is time for you to get informed about how the features of chatbots help in lead generation.

How Can Chatbots Help in Lead Generation?

The following are characteristics of chatbots, which make them an immensely useful technology for lead generation:

  1. It is active continuously, every day of every week, in a year.
  2. It answers customer queries constantly.
  3. It has the ability to set appointments.
  4. It can provide information and educate website visitors.
  5. It can qualify leads automatically.
  6. It helps to reduce operational costs.

Finally comes the section, where you will be informed about the benefits of Chatbots that you will enjoy as a business owner. 

Beneficial Features of Using Chatbots

  • Replacement of Filing Forms

No matter if you have implemented AI chatbots internally or have invested money in a chatbot development company, you are bound to benefit from this. Chatbots completely replaces the traditional methods of form filling. After implementing this, you will be able to create a conversational and simple-to-understand landing page.

Adopting this in the correct manner will hugely attract customers to your website. According to a report by Instabot, clients have seen a 33 per cent increase in leads, after the implementation of chatbots, in comparison to other traditional web contact forms.

  • Customer Service

In today’s world, the customers who visit your website, generally have a specific set of questions. The interesting thing is different customers may visit your website at different hours of the day. This accordingly means that you need to able to answer to a query 24*7. Adopting chatbots makes this process a breeze for you. AI chatbots will make sure that all the questions of a visitor are answered without any delay.

  • Replying to Comments

When you own a business, it is pretty obvious that you have official accounts in websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This invariably means that you have a certain number of followers in those websites. Often few of these followers show interest in certain aspects of your company and mention it in comments.

This is a possibility that a business opportunity is hidden in those comments, but it is not always feasible for you to go through all those comments. Chatbots help you solve this problem with ease, as they can reply to potential clients automatically, saving you the hassle of going through each and every comment.

The businesses, which have implemented the use of chatbots in the present, are bound to have a bright future.

As per the reports of Business Insider, a whopping 80 per cent of the total number of companies in the world will start to use chatbots by the end of 2020. You need to evolve with time too, to stay on par with the competition.

Modern technology has also made it possible for you to invest your money in custom chatbot development, which allows you to develop a chatbot, based on the requirements of your company.

Author Bio - Ani Ray is a passionate writer of Technology related blogs. He writes about Web Development, DevOps, Java-scripts,Python,.He represents a leading Full stack software company, Capital Numbers Infotech.


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