Here’s Why You Should Enter in Indian Logistic Sector

This is apparent how the logistics sector will grow exponentially; before stepping into the sector, it is important to learn how to start a logistics business in India
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  • May 13,2021
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Second wave of COVID-19 is impacting more severely than the previous one. It has jostled businesses across the nation; some companies have learnt lessons from the previous epidemic-like situation whilst others are still stuck. There is not any industry, which has remained unaffected with repercussions of the health crisis.

Logistics sector, which invariably plays an imminent role in supplying goods, is badly hit by the pandemic. A constant flow of the logistic sector is a prerequisite to keep MSMEs buoyant and distribute essential commodities or services across the nation. Understanding this persistent need, one such logistic company, Spoton Logistics initiated customisable logistics solutions for MSMEs like delivery optimization software to improve their supply chain models and enhance their reach. The firm renders real-time visibility and predictability of shipments to enable door-to-door delivery along with freight-to-collect facility, and returns management to help small businesses improve their bottom line.

This is such an example that depicts how the Indian business ecosystem is relying on the logistic sector. According to a report by, online freight platforms and aggregators are on the rise in the Indian logistics market, given the need for low entry barriers and less capital investment compared to setting up an asset-based business model. Manufacturing in India holds the potential to contribute up to 25 per cent-30 per cent of the GDP by 2025 which will drive the growth of the warehousing segment in India. The logistics market in India is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 10.5 per cent between 2019 and 2025.  

This is apparent how the logistics sector will grow exponentially. The logistics segment is certainly a niche where investors should invest into. Aspiring entrepreneurs or emerging players should also enter the segment. Before stepping into the logistic sector, it is important to learn ‘how to start a logistics business in India’. Here are the right steps that one should follow to start a logistic company 

Business Plan 

Before setting foot into the logistic sector, it is immensely important to create a business layout. You need to decide how you would be expanding the business, organisational business goals and much more. 

For this, create a business plan that comprises sub plans such as Plan A or Plan B. In addition, keep a check on the company’s operations, in turn, watching its progress in long as well as short term. 


Once a foolproof business plan is established, the next step involves finding an apt location. Decide locations after considering various vitalities such as budget, and size of warehouse. Blending technology is another thing that should be done to offer seamless experience to other business customers. 


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