Here’s Why an Entrepreneur Needs a Coach

There arrives a situation in every businessman’s life when they seek guidance; when they want someone to enlighten them and hold the torch
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  • Jul 01,2020
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It is indeed not easy to wear the hat of an entrepreneur. A business owner undergoes through various obstacles while making the two ends meet. Besides his forte, he has to handle other areas wherein he does not hold any specialization at all. In the present economic state, the entrepreneurship role has become even more challenging. The pandemic is testing endurance of every entrepreneur to keep the business running.

While business owners are wholly engrossed in entrepreneurship roles, they do not leave any room to consider their ideas. Ideas and strategies are commonly not being tested on various levels and thus, fail to yield desired outcomes. By not assessing them, business minds halt their progress and stop being productive altogether. There arrives a situation in every businessman’s life when they seek guidance. When they want someone to enlighten them and hold the torch. It is then a business coach comes into the picture.  

An entrepreneur generally holds expertise in one or two fields. Despite being multitasking, attaining proficiency in all fields becomes difficult for an entrepreneur. Suppose if he is versed with fundamentals of finance and accounting, then it does not mean that he would handle marketing and sales well. He may need additional help and a bit more guidance to understand his target audience. For that, he can employ professionals to do the work. However, on the surface, he will begin taking the information given by the professionals and will entirely rely on them.

With this, he will tend to lose perspective in sales and marketing niche, and will view business from others' eyes. In order to get clarity, he would need a mentor that guide, as well as train, him on other aspects wherein he lacks skill set.

At present, there are several kinds of coaches available pivoting on an entrepreneur’s requirements. Essentially, these needs are categorised into four types and here are they as follows:

  1. Mental Performance Coach

Such coaches help develop mental abilities and tackle emotional turmoil going within an entrepreneur. For this purpose, psychologist or mental coach can be the most helpful mentors.

  1. Physical Coach

Similar to the mental abilities, it is important to handle physicality of an individual. Staying fit and agile is vital for a healthy mind. To possess this, an entrepreneur can see trainers, and fitness coaches.  

  1. Spiritual Coach

When mind and body is not at peace, it becomes difficult to carry out daily chores. In such intense situation, an entrepreneur cannot focus on the work properly, thereby, requiring a spiritual coach. A spiritual coach helps define an individual’s purpose and connects mind with soul. He aids in rejuvenating mind, as well as body, through meditation and prayer.

  1. Business Coach

Such coaches deliver knowledge to the entrepreneurs regarding various matters such as finance and business operations. However, it should be learnt that each business coach holds specialization in one particular area. Keeping this in mind, an entrepreneur has to research mentors considering the business requirements.

Many business coaches can assert to be versed with each and every sector. Although, it cannot be true in reality and thus, a business owner should make mindful decisions while selecting a mentor.  There are fundamentally three Ps formula that is being followed by the coaches.

Passion: an energy that helps an entrepreneur to lead business

Profit: the final outcome of business operations

Purpose: why business has been initiated by the business owner

While working along with the business coaches, entrepreneurs have to be open about them. They can be interrogated on various aspects like what makes them distraught while doing business, and what pain points are there in the business.

These responses help govern as to what needs of the businessman are. Further, it gives a view point to the business coach as to how he can help reduce problems. For the first-time entrepreneurs, it is immensely important to get mentoring. A veteran comprehends the market and offers a good piece of advice.  Therefore, businessmen with less experience in entrepreneurship roles should look forward to mentors while taking important moves.


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