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Here’s How Your Digital Business can Thrive

For creating a good image in the market, a company would have to serve A-level products to the consumers with no shortcuts
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Mar 28,2019

Before the emergence of the internet, almost everything was done manually from publishing books to shopping. Even, the mode of operating the business was also manual and hence, building a reputation for the company was not an easy process. For creating a good image in the market, a company would have to serve A-level products to the consumers and no shortcuts were applicable.

When it comes to marketing or promoting business, offline marketing tactics were quite prevalent over a decade ago. If a company needed to approach the customers, then the usual process would be creating prototypes, distributing the samples amongst customers and lastly, offering discounts or rewards to entice customers. Prospective customers were initially targeted in this way.

Though the business ecosystem has drastically changed with the emergence of the internet, a new model of marketing has emerged with the onset of the internet, which is online marketing. The effect and usability of online marketing is very different and far more useful than offline marketing.

How the Emergence of the Internet Change the Way You Run Business

The present internet era has evolved businesses massively and further, facilitated the entrepreneurs in growing their business. Earlier on, companies used to approach customers in a local region for expanding the customer base to nearby cities, which used to be a big achievement for the small companies. In comparison, connecting to the customers is easier now as social media, official business websites and other virtual platforms have turned handy tools for the entrepreneurs.

With the setting up of digital businesses, a wide array of customers is available to the companies. In a single click, the entrepreneurs can broadcast promotional messages to the customers via messaging application like WhatsApp Business API.

As the internet has so many merits, companies, whether small or large scale, are getting attracted towards it and thus, creating an online business entity of their own. With this excessive participation, the competition on the wide internet platform has become tougher as the newly entered e-businesses lack skills to entice customers on the internet.

Want to Sail the Ship? Use Content Marketing Technique

Helming a digital business is tough in these times when a lot of offline companies are intruding on the internet-based platforms to attain recognition. Building an online platform of ones own does not guarantee success or profitability. For promoting a digital business, the entrepreneur needs to apprehend the power of online marketing, especially content marketing.

The online marketing tools are extensive and each tool is being used to escalate or promote a specific product. SEO, SMO and Content Marketing are some of the widely used online marketing tools. Amid the lot, content marketing is the most effective tool and can easily be used by anyone.

In order to develop good quality content, it is imperative to learn some basic know-how about content marketing.

  1. Identify the Audience

Before employing content marketing tactics, it is important to know who your target audience is. After identifying the audience, the company should ascertain the type of content that is required to entice readers and turn them into prospective buyers.

  1. Search the Right Theme

Finding the right theme for the content is significant as only then the content will allure the readers. The precise content idea can be drawn after grasping the products. It is not necessary that the idea should be different or unusual since the usual content ideas can also turn beneficial if used appropriately.

  1. Find the Sub-content Themes

After finding a cohesive idea, its time to scout for sub-content ideas or supporting ideas. These ideas can be derived from the daily operations of the business and the cohesive idea can easily revolve around it.

The aforementioned information is useful in apprehending how to begin using content marketing technique.

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